Friday, February 10, 2006


I got jo brand spankin' new Madonna video right here ---> Sorry

When tha hell did Madonna become a freakin' circus act Olympic gymnast middle-aged contortionist human pretzel? It's astounding what this woman is now able to do with her body! She really emphasizes a healthy lifestyle by following an excellent diet and exercise. Guy Ritchie must love her in the sack man for all those creative positions she can mangle herself into.

Yes, it is amazing what at 47 years of age, this icon is able to do. Can't wait ta see what she's up to at 60. WOW.


Bill German said...

I can remember giving myself head when I was growing up. But now my belly gets in the way.

G-Man said...

Wow...she's become an EAMILF (Easy access MILF). Somebody just me that same clip yesterday. It's a bit freakish, but still kinda hot.

God I love Maddie!

Mario said...

yeahm the "sorry" video is kind of hot, especially the second half.