Monday, April 17, 2006


Yes, better known to the world by her one name moniker: SHAKIRA.

And lemme tells ya, this bitch, is on fire. There is no stopping our sensual hip shaking Latin/Arab goddess at this point. She's got the charisma, the dance moves, and the rhythm in her songs to continue her incredible success not just in Latin America, but now in the United States and the rest of the world.

I personally had heard of Shakira a lot back in the late nineties when she was still putting out
Spanish language albums only, but it was when she decided to crossover into the English speaking market back in 2001 with her huge hit album Laundry Service, that I finally took notice and started to care. At first, I (like many), found her English to be kinda poor, her lyrics to be cheesy, and her voice akin to a goat. But there's no denying the album's catchy beats, nor Shakira's sheer determination to risk it all in order to capture the American/world market, which she effectively achieved. Bravo to her! That album sold a whooping three million copies in the United States alone. It established her as a world superstar indeed.

And of all places, she's from Colombia, which has already produced some remarkable talent such as Carlos Vives, Aterciopelados, and Juanes--names known all too well to lovers of Latin music. For a country so torn by drug cartels and endless political corruption and poverty, it is truly a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to have these artists producing quality music, with Shakira being at the forefront of a new wave of awesome modern Colombian music.

Other Latin artists that have achieved remarkable success crossing over after having a considerable Spanish speaking fanbase are: Gloria Estefan (from Cuba), Enrique Iglesias (from Spain), and of course our hot gay boy extraordinaire, Ricky Martin (from Puerto Rico). Less successful, and quite embarrassing and annoying due to their horrific English skills and true lack of talent: Thalí­a and Paulina Rubio (both from Mexico). UGH.

I admire, respect, and am now a huge fan of Shakira. Her last two albums, (in both languages) are quite good, catchy, and continue to sell well. And her English is much stronger and much more confident. The woman is sexy, charismatic, and a wonderful humanitarian.

Keep those hips a'shakin' girl, 'cause the sky's the limit...


Marko said...

I like her alot too. I havent heard the latest album but I got Laundry service right away.

Loren Soth said...

No mention of "Los Amigos Invisables".... although they have no crossed the english barrier from Venezuela... their music is unique and fun.

Laundrey Service was okay. Something weird.... it seems that the recent cross-overs run outt so steam so fast. Is it becuase of Armerica's attention disorder?

Mario said...

for me it's been the inverse process. when she put out "dónde están los ladrones?" I became a fan. Her Spanish lyrics, at least in that album, were pretty peculiar and original. Then she became blond and I haven't liked her that much since then. I think her lastest records (oral fixation 1 & 2) are OK but should have been great (they were partially produced by Gustavo Cerati, a great musician). Which isn't bad, but she is capable of more, so I am still expecting that album that will continue the upward evolution (in Spanish, English or Chinese) that "los ladrones" hinted. Oh yes, she is so much more talented than Thalía in all aspects. I think Paulina Rubio is good in Spanish, though, but is not a relevant songwriter like Shakira.

Mikey said...

Sorry I am not a big fan of her's. I do understand her appeal. Personel note to you Wat. I love your postings!!!

Bill German said...

I like your "creepy pussy" picture better. ahhhhh..