Monday, April 10, 2006


My mother (God bless her soul) is one of those active women who has to do as much as possible in one day to "take advantage" of every little waking moment that she has. Whether it be to clean the house, shop, get her car checked, or get other general stuff done, she absolutely hates me because many times I am one big serious procrastinator. I'm not a morning person like her. I do love to sleep in and waste time. The Internet doesn't help my problem either ya know.

"A mí­ me gusta aprovechar mi día", she is fond of saying. "I like to take advantage of my day."

Now I've gotten lots better mind you in the past few years. I used to be really bad, putting everything off as much as possible. As I've grown older, I have become much more responsible and mature in terms of getting my shit done on time, or at least within reason.

I'm not a Type A personality like mom. Sorry, I'm just not. And she's always hated this about me. A procrastinator extraordinaire.

But regardless, I've always gotten what needed to get done no matter what! I had my first sexual experience (age 18), I got my first job later than most (age 19), first car (age 21), driver's license (age 23), first major relationship/boyfriend (age 23), first bit of true partying (age 28), first new car (29), going to the gym regularly (age 29), and first try of marijuana (age 30). About the only thing I did within reasonable time was finish my bachelor's degree, which I started at age 18, and was done with at 23. Other than that, I've had to put off and patiently wait for everything.

And ya know what kids? I don't regret things happening to me slower than others, because no matter what, with patience and a keen sense of awareness of what has to be done, my procrastination is quite healthy in that I eventually come through. I never fail. And it's kept me from burning out, aging quickly, and getting bored with life. Youth and the joie de vivre are still on my side, if not more so in my thirties, thanks to gained maturity and wisdom.

"To every thing, turn, turn, turn, there is a season..." -The Byrds.

Now mind you, there's still some things left to be done that I have been putting off for the longest time (eat your heart out Billy Joel):

--My car alarm's been broken for the last three years, and I never fix it. I use that stupid Club on the steering wheel.

--My clothes drawer and closet are a disaster. Gotta clean them out (and soon too) 'cause it looks like I may be moving.

--My master's degree. I can never decide in what though. Anything in the humanities please, like my existing Spanish degree. The math shit is boring, although it pays well. College is so expensive and time consuming too.

--Getting into awesome physical shape. Some say I already am in shape since I am luckily naturally lean, but I'd like to bulk up a bit and look even better naked. But we all know the excruciating discipline it takes to do the gym. UGH.

--Going to Europe/U.S. East Coast/Japan. Yeah, I've done my fair share of traveling, but not as much as I'd like, although something tells me this will be my decade. If only I can continue to work on my stupid fear of flying. ALKEEHALL PULEAZE!

There's other things to get together and done, but who has time? I'll do my best. 'Cause I know eventually, in my special procrastinatory case, it will get done.

And you fellow blogger, what are you procrastinating?


Loren Soth said...

The dead have no time to lie and wait. My time is over.

Yet I have to much to do bound in service.... yet things I would like to do...

-Finish my WOW book
-Finish my "Encycolpedia of Deities" book.
-I could be silly and try to re-build my shattered dreams.... is it really worth it?

Well WAT...that's my story. I wish you the best of luck and success, you always have people cheering you on.

Todd said...

I can relate. I'm a procrastinator about some things (like editing!). Going to the gym does not take discipline. It's fun. It's the highlight of my day. Besides getting a good build, you also get to meet hot guys!

sttropezbutler said...

I don't know if I procrastinate or not, but I do know those things on your steering wheel don't really work.

My car was stolen in LA about one month before I was due to leave for my job in St. Trop. This was 1995! They simply broke the steering wheel and off they went.

My car was the process of being stripped...and before I left for Europe I had to go and testify that my car had indeed been stolen. Aren't I wordy today!



You name it I'm procrastinatin' it. I've turned it into an art form. I'm on display at the Tate in two weeks behind the fermalde thingy sheep.

Marko said...

I sympathise with you, my mother is the same way!

Mario said...

I am a huge procrastinator. My mom is exactly like yours. I am definitely procrastinating in getting fit, and I have tons of old movies and fiction and scholar books I'd like to read... I want to learn French and improve my German. And I want to have a real job. I am tired of being a student/TA. Blah, blah, blah.

Mikey said...

Procratinator here too. I keep trying to tone my upper body more. I never get around to it. BTW love the Byrds ref.

erin said...

I procrastinate with most things, though I'd like to think that I'm getting better. I know that when things really need to be done, I'll finish them.

Most of the things that I haven't procrastinated doing, like working on finishing my degree have actually come at the expense of things that I probably should be doing instead, like travelling and spending more time with friends.

In the end, I'm not sure which one is better, really. Best of luck. :)

Bill German said...

I have done everything that I wanted to do. I am just wingin' it from here to the bitter end.