Friday, April 14, 2006


I've been inspired by my fellow blogger Marco to write the following, due to his extreme surprise over the expulsion of a gay student from college here in these United States--"land of the free!"

This week, especially today and through this Sunday, Christians the world over celebrate the execution and resurrection to the heavens of Jesus Christ, probably the most influential and famous human to have ever lived in all of recorded history.

What is undoubtedly a fact, is that Jesus of Nazareth was a real person and did exist. To two billion people, he means so much more: he is the Savior, the Messiah, the one to deliver humanity from sin when he offered his body as sacrifice and endured one of the most horrific deaths imaginable: crucifixion.

If we look at the Bible in its current and probably adulterated state, we find that Jesus' message whilst on Earth was that of love and tolerance. Of hope for the hopeless. He cured the sick, forgave sinners, and ministered to the poor. His life was in many ways exemplary and one of the most current examples of this high awareness was the beloved and truly missed Mother Teresa of Calcutta in our modern era.

Unfortunately, UNFORTUNATELY, horrors have been committed against humanity in the name of Christianity. The Roman Catholic Church burned and tortured Jews and Muslims during the Spanish Inquisition. They sanctioned the murder and enslavement of millions during the Spanish and Portuguese conquests of the "New World." The Protestants have been no better, setting up their own intolerant churches and religious sects, and likewise killing, pillaging, and judging others as freely as their Catholic enemies once did as well.

In my home country of The United States of America, (which is supposed to have separation of church and state according to our Constitution), religious right-wing intolerant nutjobs are still trying to tell us what we can/cannot see in the media, how to live our lives morally as "heterosexuals", and always meddling in our personal lives at all costs. Yet here we are, calling Islam a religion of nuts, when our fundamentalist Christians and Jews are sometimes no better than the enemy.

Frankly, it makes me sick that a wonderful message like Jesus' has been used for the past few hundred years only to kill, hate, steal, cheat, and ruin our fellow brothers and sisters. That in this country today abortion and being gay can still be major problems boggles my mind. The moral majority is composed of what? Stupid hypocrite heterosexuals who can have all kinds of nasty sex with each other, but cannot fathom two men going at it? Let's face it, no one, and I MEAN PRACTICALLY NO ONE is free of sexual desire and behavior. If there is a God, and he made us, then he also created sex, so what is the big deal? Such is the way to try and control the masses I guess, to keep them in check, with all these organized corrupt religions. The opiate of the masses for sure. And yet, the porn industry in America makes about $10 billion a year. I'm sure not just the perverts like me are renting, buying, and viewing it online. Uh huh.

Men are sleeping with men, then in turn with women, women with women, animals, dead people, minors and all kinds of sick twisted shit is going on daily, yet it's these same hypocrites that'll show up to church on Sunday to ask for forgiveness and still judge others in the process. EF YOU! Ya give righteous good Christians a bad name...if there is a such a thing as a righteous Christian, LOL!

We are supposed to be way ahead of the world in terms of civil rights and equality for all, yet there is still so much work to be done! Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and all the other kooks who supposedly speak for millions of "morally righteous" people need to just drop dead. These assholes only help spew hate and intolerance on such a level that Jesus himself would be ashamed.

Ye hypocrites! "What would Jesus do?" He certainly would not be happy seeing this. No way. I hope his judgment is swift and just on ye.

Good Friday and Happy Easter to you.


Bill German said...


Bill German said...

THAT picture of the pussy in your previous post is just fuckin creepy. i look at it and want to laugh, but i dont.

Marco Valente said...

Yeah, I didn't quite realise it was so tight over there. Over here you wouldn't think of discrimination becuase our constitution makes it illegal to discriminate on the grounds of sex, race, religion and sexual orientation.

Happy Easter

Christopher King said...

You G-Damn right Jesus would not approve of hatred toward gays.

It's just absurd.

I think you read my earlier post that I'll provide now for your other viewers where I point out the conundrum

"You're too promiscuous.... but you can't get married!"

The Law (and people) is/are an ass.


Cassandra said...

What is undoubtedly a fact, is that Jesus of Nazareth was a real person and did exist.

How do you know that? It's quite possible that he didn't exist at all.

We are supposed to be way ahead of the world in terms of civil rights and equality for all, yet there is still so much work to be done!

I totally agree. Religion should be done away with. Have you seen? War has begun...

Loren Soth said...

Well the individual who is known as Jesus of Nazereth did in fact exsist. Roman records of that time do confirm the crucifixtion of a man known as Jesus in their province at that time.

Yet like all prophets and spiritual leaders, his message has been twisted and tarnished over time (although his message is not unique and is actally found in asian philosphies some 300+ prior to his birth).

The Christian religion as an instution has become corrupt, the catholic church who was once a bastion of special leadership has decayed morally and ethically. The catholic tradation was founded on christian ideals, and set up rules and regulations to enforce and help govern spiritual and moral growth. Yet my broken church can no longer follow it's own rules and regulation. Just look at the mess in Los Angeles and the Immigration issue. The Catholic Church has issued behavioral procedure in which should be followed.....yet the Church in Los Angeles....ignore this completely.

In the end, we should always remeber to try to live and good life and help our loved ones. Realistically though we must also know our limits as well.

G-Man said...

I consider myself a spiritual dude who believes in Jesus. I don't raelly listen to what any one church says...they are so filled with politics, hypocracy, and hatred. The mantra "What would Jesus do" i believe is a good way to live your life. Would jesus care if two dudes wanted to get married? Why would he? If you believe God = love then why wouldn't he. Do you think Jesus would be for war? Or the raping of our earth? Or the continual lying of the rich and the corp. world? When I hear the right-wing Christians start quoting the bible and talking about things in the name of God, it just makes me sick to my stomach.

Jesus was a liberal, people. I mean, he had long hair and work berkinstocks.

Great post Wil.

Jules said...

i think i love you

Mikey said...

Dude sorry I haven't been to your site much this week do to doing the GBBMC. Another amazing posting. Hugs Mikey

Marko said...

Its very frustrating!

Great post!

Chief RZ said...

He (and she in the story by the well) first. I repeat, first, admitted -- repented of their sins. Then Jesus said, "go and sin no more." All have fallen short of the glory of God. This institution is private and can enforce its moral values. This student is free to attend other colleges. I suspect people in military uniform are similarly "discriminated against" in San Francisco. Go and sin no more.

WAT said...


Loren Soth said...

Well the intolerant protestant has his opinion.... and as usual... "misquoated" the bible.

Why don't you refer to Luke 15: 11-32... oh older brother!

Despite what we do....what you belive, the father above will always welecome us back and rejoice in our coming. No matter how much you protest, we just have to say lord... let me be by your side... and we shall be their in equality.

You gotta admire that Lil' Luke.

How ironic......

So although sir it is a private instatution, it still recieves federal/state funding....therefore it is required to keep the student. If not... I guess they have to pass on the free governement money.

If you wanna start quoting the testament and scriptures bring it on. The lord has set my tongue ablaze and my eyes to cast your false message into the whisps of shadows that they are oh serpent tongue!