Wednesday, April 05, 2006


"Brokeback Mountain," a film about gay cowboys, is receiving plenty of attention - the New York Times and Los Angeles Times have each run six articles about the movie. Columnist Michael Medved claimed the papers are trying to promote the movie's gay theme. "There's clearly an agenda going on here. It is part of the advocacy for mainstreaming homosexual behavior and promoting gay marriage, and it is also undermining the American cowboy ideal." Entertainment reporter Jeanne Wolfe denied that the publicity barrage has anything to do with the subject matter. "People just fell in love with this movie, including people who thought they'd never go to see it. It will get a lot of awards because it is a fine film." The Factor questioned whether any "straight" movie would ever receive this kind of attention. "I have nothing against the subject matter. The point is that these newspapers use entertainment to push political agendas. They do it all the time, it's indoctrination. I'll predict the movie will get a lot of awards, but will not do big box office outside of the big cities."

--Film critic Michael Medved & " The Factor."

"You know I love movies. I love them to death. However that does not mean I lack morals and a certain beliefs. It's not secret that hollywood is mostly a liberal socialist sympathizing group of people however I would of thought they even had their limits. however It seems not. I saw this trailer just about 2 days ago and I was absolutely disgusted. Hollywood really needs a reality check. Stick to making movies that are for entertaining, and stop trying to push this liberal immoral agenda on the american public. Most americans do not wnat to see a movie about two homosexual cowboys."

--from Rotten Tomatoes forum member Bald Eagle.

"This is what we heterosexual men mean about you fags forcing your lifestyle on us. You are a faggot. Fine. Don't advertise it and don't write a post ( whether you are female or not ) lying to us and saying it is about love, not faggots. "

--From a Craigslist user in Denver.

Hmmm...85 million at the box office, countless awards, and now the #1 selling DVD on

Yep. America doesn't want to see this movie at all.


Todd said...

I just found it incredible that Walmart is selling BROKEBACK. Somehow it just doesn't seem right. If you buy it at Walmart, don't buy it in the self-check lane. It's rated R so they have to come over and punch in some numbers to verify that you're over 18. (That's a tip from a past experience. I'm not buying BROKEBACK on DVD.)

Mikey said...

I am so sick of the two face American way. I don't care if you are Black, White, gay, straight, Asian, Latino what ever. Hate us if we did something wrong to you. Not for what we are. I liked Brokeback.

Dalamar Argent said...

Sigh..... I can't belive Brokeback get an "R" rating..... there is not even a dick shot in this movie.
The most there is a butt shot.

The whole rating system is ridiculous.

I bought it because it is a great film.

mikele said...

Brokeback M. is for me the most romantic film I ve never seen.
So wonderful and sad story too, so lovely actors and so on.
Some people don't understand the importance of feelings in our century. This film open our heart, and I know now, love is the most important

WAT said...

Merci Mikele pour tes mots...

mikele said...

Je suis encore et encore trés touché , plutôt triste d'avoir lu le livre...
Quand je verrais le film je serai encore plus mal ?
mais quelle belle histoire...