Thursday, April 06, 2006


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OH DEAR GOD NOT AGAIN! SURPRISE! The last (one would hope) and final email by the "honorable & wonderful" Ms. Jill Cohen Walker J.D.that I received last night:

Sheesh, I don't hate anyone (although there are some cultures that leave a bit to be desired). And, yes, there was lots of Spanish influence in the regions you delineated. However, this is still the US and influence in style of housing, etc, is not unusual. I grew up in NYC where there were loads of cultures and their influence was appreciated. By the way, you can stop yelling and calling me names. Today, there was a Mexican worker at the chiropractor's office who spoke no English. They had to tell him to cover the table before sanding the wall and none of them spoke Spanish. Mine is too skimpy to do the job right, although I could have used my usual "I don't speak a foreign language" pantomime. Instead, I called my son, who is a college student taking advanced Spanish, to get the right way to tell him in Spanish to cover the table. It was kind of fun and he was grateful I took the time to find a way to communicate with him in his language. So much for me being a racist :)
In the Lord's Grip,

Isn't she just a lovely humanitarian? And the extreme presumptuousness she uses to write in the English language is so evident and apparent.

"In the Lord's Grip?!" Oh how I hope he squeezes you to bloody death then.

Stupid bitch.



Dalamar Argent said...

Tskk... Tskk... how presumptioous of you. In the Lord's Grip.....

That indeed is an elder telling of the FreeMasons or an occultist nonetheless. I belive she is refering to "Our Father Below" or she is in the Thrall of some demon.

Brad said...

Come on, WAT, old buddy! Don't hold back, just tell us how you really feel about her!

Todd said...

I wonder which cultures are beneath her? What absolute arrogance.

sttropezbutler said...


In the Lord's Grip.


The lengths people will go to defend their racists thoughts and attitudes.

Fuck her.


Mikey said...

I so would love to send this woman a nasty gram, or Jeff Foxworthy's "You know you are a Redneck pick on Latinos and my blogger bud WAT!!!

Wolfie grrl said...


This could make for some great angry sex.. except you are gay, and she's in the Lord's grip

heee haw..