Monday, April 03, 2006


--So I ran into this article a few days ago:

--I have never been more offended as a US-born citizen with Hispanic roots, so I decided to write this Jewish Christian-convert kook White lady an email:
while i firmly believe in closing the border, making English the sole official language, and defending this country at all costs, your article is tainted and loaded with deep racism and hatred for "Hispanic" peoples in general. As a US born Hispanic, I was deeply insulted by your article numerous times. Your PH.D is wonderful but your lack of love and compassion for anyone other than European-based peoples is frightening. how sad.

--To which Ms. Thang replies:

I do not hate "Hispanics." They hate me. sigh...

--Dear God. So I wrote back (God knows why):
"Hispanics" probably hate you dear because you are so openly venomous with your words. HELLO! Nice people get treated nicely. It only makes sense. Illegal immigration aside, the Southwest is undeniably and historically Hispanic. Maybe you should read up and embrace the culture more and associate yourself with some of the nice LEGAL ones here before you make such a horrible general statement. U might end up liking them and they may end up liking you too. Who knows, one of them may save your life one day. Or do you a big favor.

--To which undoubtedly racist Jill Walker replies with:
Thought this might clarify my position. I am not and will never be a racist. I welcome immigrants to this country who come here legally and want to become American citizens. I am the granddaughter of immigrants. However, read the article from a "Hispanic" organization that has taken the lead over many Mexicans (who carry the Mexican flag, not the American flag while breaking into this nation and taking us for a financial ride) and you can understand how many of us feel about this issue. Take a look at the emergency rooms in my area and count the American citizens there. You won't have to count past the fingers on one hand. In his book THE PLANNED DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA, Dr. James W. Wardner noted that the New World Order (run by the anti-Christ) folks want to load this nation us with immigrants to destroy the middle class. It's so sad, but it's part of God's plan. Bettter to be a player for God than a pawn of evil.

Well, first, there are not "Hispanics." It's an invented word by the New World Order cabal. Second, we paid millions for those acres starting with the Lousianna Purchase, so that argument will never hold with me. I'm working on getting all the purchases and the costs to American taxpayers lined up for you. No, it wasn't stolen, it was paid for with lives and money. We have not asked to return it with a full refund to date, so how can you believe you own it. Also, I don't hate anyone. I'm mad as blazes, however, that the American govt. has caved to the NWO. We elect folks who are supposed to represent us. Now, we have illegals from all over the world voting in our elections. Think about it. I can't even enter certain countries but they can sneak in here and vote for my representatives in Washington? Hey if you guys want the Southwest, take it. God is in control and nothing that is done will bode well for the doers if they are not right with God. In the end, you will have nothing because of lust for power and money. I would appreciate it, though, if your criminal element would spend its time in our prisons at your expense and would stop committing crimes on our soil. I would also be grateful if they would pay their own hosptial/medical bills instead of asking us to do so.

Jill, Of course that kind of rhetoric is disturbing. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Whites have the vicious KKK and blacks have the Nation of Islam too you know. Most Hispanics will sensibly reject this kind of garbage. And you should too.

You are so far off the mark, it frustrates me. I never said we want the Southwest back, I only said it is culturally and historically a Hispanic area from hundreds of years back--taken away from the Native American by European White Spaniards (yeah, Spanish comes from Europe believe it or not), which then became Mexico, then now the US. This is why the place names are in Spanish: Los Angeles, San Antonio, Colorado. I was only pointing out u shouldn't hate the culture or all of its people. IT IS PART OF AMERICAN HISTORY WHETHER U LIKE IT OR NOT. I AM NOT ADVOCATING THE RE-TAKEOVER. GET OFF IT LADY. IT SHOULD STAY THE UNITED STATES. I KNOW IT AND GET IT. STOP LUMPING ME WITH THE OTHER LEFTIST CRAZY PEOPLE. MAYBE I SHOULD LUMP YOU WITH THE KKK JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE WHITE TOO??!! WOULD YOU LIKE THAT? Why must you keep lumping me with the other Mexicans or "Hispanics". This is your fundamental problem. "Hispanic" was an invented term? You do know there are some 19 countries that speak Spanish south of our border right? And that immigrants to this country from those areas need some sort of classification. The term "Hispanic" seems appropriate to me. Now here's more to confuse you, since I see you don't quite understand (nor want to), the whole classification issue: the census considers me of the White race and ethnically Hispanic. And they are right. I am pretty White, with a rich Hispanic heritage. It just so happens Martin Sheen, Raquel Welch, Ricardo Montalban, and Anthony Quinn also have Hispanic roots too. And they don't sit around advocating for the re-takeover of the Southwest which you so ignorantly sit around fearing. Criminal element? What about US born blacks and whites which are the true cause of draining our prisons? PLEASE! Your warped belief in God and backward notions on the whole thing make your PH.D look really weak now. And if it is a New World Order u think is coming, stop worrying about it. There really is nothing you can do sister. God said so remember? Spend some time loving your fellow human instead regardless of their background. You'd be surprised.


--And she also wrote this in a side email:
I would love to reject it as just fringe elements. However, read the Bible. Actually, the Jews from the west have yet to return to Israel in droves. The time is coming when the Lord will call them back, but it will take an act of God to get the unbelieving Jews to go from nations in which they have thrived. Ergo, it would not surprise me if those preaching such hate will be used to get my people who have yet to recognize Yeshua (Jesus) as their Savior back to their homeland. What is frightening is something from the Scriptures that I haven't mentioned. it will have to wait as typing is very painful due to a workplace injury.(<---CAUSED BY A "HISPANIC" NO DOUBT, RIGHT JILL?) Suffice it to say that those calling themselves America's "Palestinians" aren't far off the mark.


Undeniable proof that someone with a degree (and in this case a PH.D. mind you), is not necessarily any better nor less intolerant or ignorant.

I'm awaiting her next email, but have decided to sensibly and finally give up on this sweet special lady.


P.S. Her last email, just received!
Okay, I think we're done. I'm not lumping you with anyone. And the term "Hispanic" was invented by various governments with the exact definition you provided. I'll send you some links that will help you with this, but I really don't have more time to spend on it. Start with and look up a series of articles by Joseph FallonThe sad part is this: In Wardner's book THE PLANNED DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA, the NWO folks plan to load up this nation with immigrants (mostly illegals, which doesn't include you, Praise God) who don't give a flip about our Constitution (what's left of it) and who have no loyalty to this nation. That book was written about 12 years ago and seems to be rather accurate. What I most want is for folks to get right with God because the proverbial stuff will hit the fan soon. And for the record, I don't hate you at all.


Mikey said...

It's a shame hispanics are getting a bad rap right now. I feel for you dude.

anklebiter said...

Yes. That woman is a bone head. Don't frustrate yourself with her.

Brad said...

"Hispanic" was created by the New World Order cabal? WTF?

(by the way, that's the first time I've ever used computer slang. or I guess I should say, "btw, that's the first...)

Fucking Republicans, and in this case, far-right libertarian douchebags, suck hard. Fuck them.


Bill German said...

I am 50% Irish and 50% French, but I dont consider myself either

Dalamar Argent said...

Actually the Zionist seems to be into the conspiracy of NWO, Masons, and the various secret orders of the Grail Knights.

Indeed the whole Idea of Hispania and the conquest of the New World fits with the old Agenda, even manipulating the prophecies of Quezacoutl.

Shhhh...they are watching us always.

BTW what is her PHD in Consipracy 401?

Larry Sadler said...

I read the debate you had and I must say that I've been somewhat angry myself at how our flag and this country has been treated by some Mexicans.
It bothers me when our flag is turned upside down under the Mexican flag.
I feel that, if someone feels that strong about their country and disrespects yours to this point, then maybe they should be in their country.
It's hard when a man or a woman are in a time of distress and look out and see their flag. This makes you feel that you have a purpose for the fight or distress that you are in.
When I saw that the kids in California did the awful thing to our flag it really angered me.
I know that they, know not what they do or maybe they did know, but it's time now to bring a halt to this madness and accept the fact that.
They are in another country and if illegally, then that country has the right to deport them or make them citizens. there's no reason for such behavior, because a country wants to make a decision that they might not agree with.
Can they protest in their own country this way?
Why havent they protested the way that they are treated in their own country.
Someone there is getting very rich and if the people there start to do what they are doing here, then maybe there want be a need for them to leave their own country, just to make a decent living.
I dont agree with how we give them the jobs that are degradeing and low paying, but that's another subject, so I'll stop here and just say that I'm sorry to go off point or subject matter.
I hope that you and Ms. Walker get things worked out, but people like Ms. Walker are the reason that things are the way they are. Hey great post!

sttropezbutler said...

I still feel this is a specious discussion. Enforce the laws on the books and this problem is solved. Won't happen, cause Big Biz would pay.

And who the hell has time for this God crap and New World Order.


Larry Sadler said...

When you are dealing with next door neighbors, it seems that they should be close.
Mexico has always taken advantage of the United States and you must admit that we have allowed them to, because they are our neighbors.
Now we are ready to make new bills that include the safety of America and some just dont understand and seem to think a protest is right, when a protest should be in Mexico everyday of the week.

WAT said...

Larry, you talking of Mexico taking advantage of the United States (because of illegal immigration I'm sure) has made me laugh out loud big time.


Which is why you and I can waste time blogging, while most of the underdeveloped world eats shit.

Dalamar Argent said...

So how has the U.S. taken advantage of Mexico????? WAT look at our history and that of Mexico.

Mexico has the PRI party that has manipulated the country and its people. These PRI encourage their people to flood the states above, and especially encourage their "Illegal Immigrants" (those of Central and Latin AMerican) to go north! The Catholic Church keeps the idiotic faithful complacent with false promises and encouragement to flee north as well. Promising their parishiners safety with the Church in the state. The USA has done little other than work with the PRI and help keep economy down.

Now....I can say that the USA has manipulated the central and latin american countries. No arguement there.

Now.... Mexico and the mexicans have taken advantage of the citizens of the USA. They fragrently disregard our rules, they bribe our officials, they help support illegal drug and slave trade, they steal away our resources.

So lets look at the statistics! Mexico and its people have definately taken advantage of us. Their state of the nation is f***ed up without the help of the U.S.

WAT said...

Yes indeed. Mexico is so much more powerful than the United States.

We've let it happen u mean.