Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Yeah, so I visit different blogs/websites and read these comments:

Comment from: CITIZEN Melissa MInuteman Spratlen--
the Spanish version is not recognised by the president or the citizens of the United States of America, only by invading coacroaches who are demanding we give our country to them without doing anything to deserve the honor of citizenship.- it will never happen, because we will never give up.

Comment from: VIVA LA MIGRE [Visitor]
Everyone on this site is not white. What say you now you breeder cockroach messycan

Comment from: Texas Proud [Visitor]
The illegal invader cockroaches and the hate America crew seem to think most Americans support their little boycott.

Comment from: ted [Visitor]
Mexico is a third world country. This should be enough proof to tell you that mexico is a uncivilized nation.

Comment from: Connie MCDC Media [Member]  http://www.minutemanhq.com
Don't try to play the race card here. Your side are the racists, and America is finally waking up to the fact that we no longer have to fear that "racist" label. You've worn it out on so many false allegations that it no longer has any traction.

Comment from: evina [Visitor]  http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/STOPILLEGALS

we dont need more scumbags latinos...everything they do just criminal!

Robbie Cooper on May 1, 2006 at 10:26 AM said:
A “Day without Immigrants”? Hell, can we make it a week? Or how about a month?
To counter today’s boycotts, on Friday I will be boycotting Cinco de Mayo. No Mexican food, no cold Coronas, and will have to mow my own yard and clean my own house this week.

The Floridian on May 1, 2006 at 6:21 PM said:
Listen all you illegals, If you want to violate our laws and sneak across our borders to do landscaping and lettuce picking, I’m OK with that. Most criminals keep a low profile because they’re smart. But when you try to come into our homes and demand that we re-arrange the furniture to accomodate your lawlessness, that’s the beginning of the end for you. Because you’re stupid. You have no idea of what you’re starting with these protests. When you were under the radar, I could live with the money I spend to send your kids to school, give you medical treatment, and financial benefits. But that’s over. Like the joke goes, what do you call a tiny Mexican? A SPEC. And you’re all just SPECs now. You’re OUTTA HERE! We don’t need you - never did. Thats why we’re Americans and you’re Mexicans.

Well, well! Kill 'em with kindness right? UGH. How ugly. How ugly. Mind you, I've heard some nasty comments and stuff said by leftist pro-Mexican groups too, but don't try to tell me that this anti-illegal side ain't just plain racist or hateful many times over. All they do is present the negative fanatical Hispanics--the dumb asses waving Mexican flags and being militant. But most of these are good people, and do not want conflict or hatred. Damnit I wish EL NORTE was out on DVD. That is one movie that says it better than I ever could as to why this is happening--as to why people flee to come here.

We need to be sensible, fair, dignified and secure our borders, make English our official language, and solve the status of our good noble ones already here. But without all this vicious name-calling. It's awful and very divisive. As if some of our own citizens are any better than these people, who are human too.

Shame on the American government for letting all of this get out of hand! And shame on the poor corrupt Hispanic countries and their rotten governments too! BASTARDS! You're ultimately responsible for what is going on here!

Makes me want to cry really...


sttropezbutler said...

I find it sad and ironic that the issue of language is all tied up in this. The reality of today's world is that we MUST BE multilingual. Let us not forget that China has a lot of people, and hey, just maybe, they aren't gonna want to speak English.

But the language really isn't the issue.

Racism on any side is ugly. I find this whole story tedious and wasteful Enforce the laws on the books, encourage those who want to come to our shores to become citizens through legal methods. Grow up and face the music that this issue will never ever go away.

Off my soapbox.


Mikey said...

I'm not going to get on a soapbox on this one. The Irish went threw this also. Racism is always ugly. Along with butler I agree this issue isn't going to go away. Another really good example was the Berlin wall and what people did to cross that..

btw you can cry on my shoulder anytime.

G-Man said...

I've been quiet on this issue as it just blows my mind how out of hand its gotten. I agree with butler and mikey in that it's pretty appauling to me how blantantly racist our country still is. I agree about the multilingual thing too...that's a reality in the day and age. I'm not sure why us english speaking peeps are so threatened. I find it appauling that GW wouldn't allow a spanish version of the national anthem. If people want to sing the nathem in another language to prove their love for this country, go for it.

How did our country fall down the toilet like this? Oh yes....and he was revotted back into office no less.

Shame shame shame on these damn politicians. How can this all be fixed?

Marko said...

I think its so ridiculous to say these people are felons if they stay here. I hope we come to a descion thats good for everyone. It blows my mind.

Doug said...

I read you comment on my site and was wondering what you meant by "I couldn't be more wrong." I based my conclusion that perhaps the illegal immigrants are not that vital to the United States economy on my obervations and on the ovservation that the estimated number of "undocumented workers" is about equal to the United States unemployment rate. While you and I don't agree, I find your posts articulted and thought provoking. I would have liked more of a reposte.

Mario said...

just because of bad karma the US should open their arms to all honest people trying to make a living here. and I think, deep inside that is what has happened. even if there is racism and this huge controversy over illegal aliens right now, I still think that the US is much more welcoming than many other developed nations. at least in the US, if you have the brains and/or you are hard-working, you can move up socially even if you are not an American white person. Some European countries are awfully racist, much more so than the US. well, that is not the subject of your post, but I just thought of it, the way I felt when I went to Europe. Not to perpetuate the stereotype, but Germans can be real bitches.

Mario said...

and why hasn't Dalamar Argent commented on this one?

Darci said...

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..."

Being second generation Italian and third generation French, I DO believe in that. But not before we take care of our own (which we are NOT doing) and not without the necessary legalities required.

The name calling is disgusting, though. NO argument with that.

Doug said...

Thanks for your expanded comments on my site. I do not agree with your viewpoint but I appreciate the thoughtful response. Cheers!

Dalamar Argent said...

Reason why... Is because I was busy. I had a death in the family.

Yet you want my two sense....

The issue on the floor are this

1) Immagration Reform

2) Border Security

3) Illegal Immigration

Unfortunately both extremist on other sides have made a mess of things that no one is quite sure of the issue at stake here anymore.

This is not the whole irish affair back in the early days of New York. They were legal... people were just being racist then.

This all started with the issue of closing the borders for Nation Secuirity which is fine. The US should have a closed border with Mexico. If people read the papers since the Minute Men were down there, they have rescued a number of coyotes who rip of "illegal refugee" and rescued them from the common "bunch dead mexicans in a van" syndrome in the desert, the state border patrol have come under fire from drugs cartels on our side of the border with aid of "mexican army".
Believe it or not.... our soth border needs to be secure since the Mexican Governemnt could care less. The Candian government work responsible with the US governemnt to patrol the Canadian/Mexican Border.

Now... the Politcal Hispanic Born MECHA/ATZLAN and Pro Hispanic Parties in this country interprested "Border Security" as Mexicans being persecuted. Here is where the mudslinging begins. The Radical Hispanic say one thing and the republican white retilate.

Like it or not, these people entered the country illegally. They commited a crime. They either have to pay for this one way or another. They should not be reward with amnesty, especially since there are many people waiting to get in through proper channels.

A fact that people are ignoring. Illegals are just not mexicans, illegals are not just hispanics/latinos. Now I would say a could chunk of Illegals in the Western United State are of that mix, 2nd I would assume those of asian descent. The Hispanic camp has turned that all illegal immigrants are hispanic.... no other groups are considered for rights or and they "hispanic" demand the power. The Hispanic camp is being racist here. See Los Angeles demenstation of May 1st....we have a high population of both ASian and latino, but the demestration were done for latin/hispanics only!!!!!!!

The Third item on the table is Immagration Reform. Yes, the process is slow, there are many laws that hinder good people from getting in this country. For example same sex couples of mult-national orgin are split up, those how have HIV or AIDs are banned.
As a gay man, I am deeply offend by the Los Angeles Pro-imegartionists.... a number of the gay community went to support there cause for "Immigrant Reform". Just to show you how racist the latinos are... they become upset and started shouting slurs ar our group.. saying "we do not belong there".... "you people will burn in hell".

As I said before, if this truly is a human rights issue... where these illegals are seeking amnesty.
The the UN should impose sanctions on Mexico and Latin America. The US invaded IRAQ for this reason. If the Mexicans who are here fled their country for this reason, I will support AMnesty for them if the US goes to war with Mexico and recreates their governemnt. So the poor immigrants here can return home.

One should also not, it is also wrong for a country to continue dummping it poor out to us. It lowers our economy and creates civil unrest. If you look at the statics illegals are not a "vital" part of the US economy. The are a part, but one that can be done without. They do drain are economy by not paying all the taxes we do, they access our civil services (schools, hospitals, roads, etc are overused and breakdown) withouit putting there share in, many of them send the US currency back to their country. Everytime this happens the US dollar loses power since that money does not return.

This is not an issue about race. This is not an issue about culture or language. People are saying stuff now becuase they are emotionak and well just being human.

Many of you bloggers are intelligent people. It is up to us to seperate the chaos from the fact and help this issue get resolved positively for both parties. Let is stick to the issues.

1) We need border security. If the Mexican Government would act as a partner that would show true cooperation.

2) There does need to be some type of Immegration reform. Gay rights does tie into this, we should not be consider 3rd class citizens. We should have the right to marry as well.

3) We need to enforce our exsisting laws and deal with consequaneces. Remeber the Pledge of Alligence? We all agreed "to the Republic for which it stands"... mean we have to follow the laws. We can attempt to change them if they are too harsh or inhumane.

If they get amnesty there must be a good reason to buypass althose waiting. The Cubans got amnesty because of communism. Salvadorans got amnesty because of their bloody civil war. N. Koreans only at this point I could see getting amnesty becuase of their country. Unless the mexican can pull a real reason out... then bye bye. And Yes I realize there are other ethnic groups. Likewise they need a real reason to stay as well.

Dalamar Argent said...

Forgot one thing

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..."

Yeah... the Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French. What was written on the book was something to honor the fact that America did provide a land of opportunity. Where thW Wild West was stolen from Native Americans so the immgrants could expand westward.

The "saying" is not law or a moral code. Just a sentiment set on a statue.
Its a nice one, but as Mr. Scotty said "Aye Capt'n, I don't think she can take any more of this. She's already exhausted her vent and might blow any minute."

Sometime we have to realize enough is enough, and be responsible. America is falling apart... how can we help them if we ourselves are falling apart?. I am sorry, we have reached Maximum Occupancy.... you have to wait until their is a vacancy or go and eat elsewhere.