Friday, May 19, 2006


Here we go with more Hollywood hype again!

The Da Vinci Code
opens today--and as a book, it was a terrific bestseller--now as a film, it might just be mediocre, but will most likely be a blockbuster hit nonetheless. The film has a pretty impressive cast: Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou (of Amélie fame), and Sir Ian McKellen, who is one of the world's finest actors alive, and one of my heroes! He practically steals the movie too, from what I've heard.

What's gonna fuel lots of people to go see it, is the
controversy. Yes, the Catholic Church and other Christian churches have already (with expected precision) blasted the film as blasphemous, full of lies, offensive, and divisive. This due to the fact that the secret married life of Jesus is exposed! BIG WHOOP!

So what and who cares?! I mean really. I personally don't believe Jesus really ever got married or came of Earth to live as a most normal men, even though he was human. But so what if he did build a home with Mary Magdalene? That shouldn't change his overall message of love and tolerance while he was here.

So there goes the Church barking loudly, getting the film nothing but more exposure and media attention. Don't these people know by now that protesting something only makes it more popular to the curious who will flock to it like vultures to a carcass? Madonna's Sex book, Married With Children, Howard Stern, and Brokeback Mountain are prime examples of having benefitted from
negative controversy.

The first
reviews for the film are pretty awful though. But it won't matter. Many will go see it anyway--at least in its opening weekend.

Sounds like a DVD movie to me, to be quite honest.


G-Man said...

THis goes to show, that sometimes, they shouldn't just rush to make a movie out of a book. Ronn Howard is a mediorce film maker at best.

I may go see it though, just cuz i never got around to reading the book. Who knows. Who cares?

Bill German said...

rode my bike to noho today. all the cheesy carnival rides set up for the noho art fair. Meet me at the "L" LODGE tommorrow, (I will buy you a drink). I really liked the amelia earhart statue and the noho park was cruisy. LOST AT SEA! Speaks volumes to what people can accomplish. I think it is time for me to go around the world.

Mikey said...

I guess it's the christians turn now to protest. I didn't hear much from them when "The Passion Of The Christ" was released.

As for sir Ian, I love him and I am waiting to see him in X-Men 3.

The Gay Guru said...

I am looking forward to the movie, and what critics look for and what I look for can be some entirely different things. It was funny though, my lil podunk town in Ohio had 10 protesters at the local theater, led by a 68yo granny from the tabernacle church of the WTF, or something like that. It amuses me that if an entire religion is worried that it could be undermined and lose faith by the effects of a fictional film, they might want to examine their religion a little more closely.....GG

sttropezbutler said...

First I want to meet the two of you at the L Lodge.

Second I detested this book...and didn't finish it.

Third, Ron Howard is Opie.


Have a great Sunday!


Todd said...

Yep, Ron Howard is a mediocre filmmaker at best. He did one good movie, the rest have dwindled. And who cares about the churches. Most of them preach delusional paranoia anyway. I'm with Mikey, I can't wait for X-3!