Friday, May 12, 2006


Keith Richards has done all kinds of drugs and alcohol under the sun, fried a couple of brain cells in the process, and has up to this point managed to still tour the world with his legendary band, The Rolling Stones.

Now comes the horrible news this past week, that his
fall from a coconut tree while vacationing in Fiji late last month might have been more serious than previously thought. He may have already suffered irreversible brain damage according to the latest reports! This is all being disputed by his bandmates however, and they say he'll be just fine.

Now I know some of you may be chuckling out there, due to the fact that Richards already seems to behave like someone who's suffered brain damage due to all the abuse he's perpetrated upon himself, but this sounds really really fuckin' dreadful. How ironic that this man who has lived a glorious life of excess and has managed to still hang on may now be stopped by this ridiculous accident! Even more bizarre is that fellow Rolling Stoner Ron Wood was also picking coconuts with him! Oh boy.

I hope he comes out of this just fine, which in all likelihood he will. Nothing can stop or kill Keith it seems!

I mean, come on man! This is one of rock 'n' roll's great legends! The other half of the classic Jagger/Richards songwriting team!

Say a little prayer for Keith okay?


Mikey said...

Will do bro.

sttropezbutler said...


At some point we've gotta stay out of trees. Really dude!

Cheers to you WAT!


Bill German said...

my brain is too far gone

Bill German said...

you might enjoy some of these very rare beatles photos that i just stumbled upon:

Todd said...

There has to be some point when the Stones will retire. Maybe this will start the ball rolling.

Dave The Hat said...

Bah! He'll be fine. I mean, when the nuclear bombs hit every major city, all that will be left is rubble, cockroaches and Keith Richards.

Marko said...

I hadnt heard about this. Im sure hell come out of this, the man is like a cockroach!