Thursday, May 04, 2006


Maybe I'm too biased, have too much of a heart and am not objective enough with this issue.

I'm trying to imagine if we shared a border with Iraq or any of the other Muslim countries right now. WHOA MAN! You think we got a problem now?!

I try and answer some of the most common questions and arguments in this undocumented immigrant debate:

"What part of illegal don’t these criminals understand?"
-Well, if you were Juan López--pretty poor, humble, with a wife and about three kids in Mexico and could barely make ends meet in your home country which you love, but sadly have to leave to due to the economic circumstances surrounding you, wouldn’t you risk it all to criminally break into the economic powerhouse that is the United States? To wait to come in legally, is to starve. The desperation is real, not imagined, nor patient.

"Well, why don’t they stay where they are from, and change their country, their government?"
-Yeah, Latin Americans have tried to revolt against their insidious corrupt regimes, and met with nothing but swift suppression, U.S. government intervention, torture, and murder. Some examples:

The U.S. has intervened, from the rural rebellions of the 1840s through the 1910 revolution to the 1994 uprising in Chiapas.

-Guatemala, 1960s:
U.S. sends arms, advisors, and Green Berets to Guatemala to implement a counterinsurgency campaign.
"To eliminate a few hundred guerrillas, the government killed perhaps 10,000 Guatemalan peasants." --State Dept. report on the program

-Chile 1970s:
Salvador Allende Gossens elected in Chile. Suspends foreign loans, nationalizes foreign companies. For the phone system, pays ITT the company's minimized valuation for tax purposes. The CIA provides covert financial support for Allende's opponents, both during and after his election. U.S.-supported military coup kills Allende and brings Augusto Pinochet Ugarte to power. Pinochet imprisons well over a hundred thousand Chileans (torture and rape are the usual methods of interrogation), terminates civil liberties, abolishes unions, extends the work week to 48 hours, and reverses Allende's land reforms.

-El Salvador 1980s:
A right-wing junta takes over in El Salvador. U.S. begins massively supporting El Salvador, assisting the military in its fight against FMLN guerrillas. Death squads proliferate; Archbishop Romero is assassinated by right-wing terrorists; 35,000 civilians are killed in 1978-81. The rape and murder of four U.S. churchwomen results in the suspension of U.S. military aid for one month. The U.S. demands that the junta undertake land reform. Within 3 years, however, the reform program is halted by the oligarchy.
"The Soviet Union underlies all the unrest that is going on." --Ronald Reagan

-And there are plenty of other examples I could cite with Panama, Cuba, Nicaragua--you name it! So many have died trying to change their homelands, and the CIA comes in to quickly stop anyone that threatens American interests.

"They don’t want to learn English and expect us to learn Spanish. They need to assimilate!"
-But they do try and are assimilating. While their English might be poor, they do go out of their way to try and speak it. And their children, American-born and raised, grow up speaking English perfectly fine. If there’s a strong use of Spanish in the United States, it’s due to many Latinos still immigrating (obviously) and subsequent generations retaining the language (very brokenly I might add)--a language that is just as much a part of U.S. history as English. Spanish is official in Puerto Rico and New Mexico you know. But don’t worry, English is by no means threatened. It’s too powerful and useful a language.

I am in no way a leftist, a liberal looney, Communist/Marxist, or for illegal immigration. But we have to understand why, the reasons behind all of this, the bigger picture. When we point fingers, judge without knowing what is truly going on, we run the risk of forming closed-minded opinions. So many say that this emotional argument I'm making doesn’t hold in the reality of the world.

Aside from pedophiles and cold-blooded murderers, we must have a heart and stop pretending that only our own personal selfish interests matter. This is one world now more than ever before.

To not care, to look the other way, to not have a conscience about all of this, is to to lose one’s humanity.

Now that’s truly criminal.


Jules said...

brillinatly done

Loren Soth said...

Nice arguement...... you laid down the US's criminal involvement with the Latin Americans countries.

Doesn't help the border isssue. No you are appealing to human emotions. The human equation.....

The by all means that is right, take some into your home, help them as much as you want.

Yet, don't expect other to share the burden you wish to take. If the starving masses want to die outside the gates let them.

Our country is falling to pieces faster than anything (even before the Illegals). I say get them out, fix this country, and help them regularly.

By the way... to Marie and Juans "no harm no foul situation". How'd you like it if someone broke into your home and took your things, your food, your identity becuase they were to impatient to wait for Welfare? I'd think you'd be pretty pissed.

Illegals are criminal regardless.

Mikey said...

Another amazing posting Wat. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

G-Man said...

Wow dude. It's such a complex argument/problem, one that I've had a hard time wrapping my brain around -- possibly 'cuz I'm from Wisconsin which is WAY north. Lately, I've been learning something everytime I come here. Thank you!

Daniel Lee Sale said...

Illegals are illegal. If you want to make a change, we will have to modify the law. Anything less than that is not going to work.

sttropezbutler said...

Good post.

I get sick of the legal bullshit. It is illegal to speed and yet I see it happening each and everytime I get in my car. Most of the cars passing me btw have those insidious little fishes on them.

If you want it all to be legal, well then act legally, stop breaking the laws and enforce the laws that already exist.

We know that isn't possible. Drug laws, drinking laws, speeding laws, etc etc are broken everyday.

And by the way...which State has all this "welfare" that is being bandied about?