Saturday, July 29, 2006


"There's somethin' wrong with the world today
I don't know what it is
Something's wrong with our eyes
We're seein' things in a different way
And God knows it ain't his

It shore ain't no surprise." --Aerosmith


The anger at Israel is great right now. Guy shot up some
Jewish Center yesterday and injured several while killing one.

Not good. I fear for this country. Greatly do I fear. The terrorists just got more incentive to strike at all Jewish/American interests. Lebanon has been ruined and may become the new Al-Qaeda playground just like Iraq has. When does Iran get involved and the nukes go off? God help us.

This WWIII shit is not easy nor pretty huh?

I tells ya what IS easy and pretty though! The good things in life! Sex, music, laughter, sleep, and food. My fellow blogger/reader, enjoy these pleasures as much as possible. These are uncertain odd times to be alive. Our future looks bleak and pessimistic to most of us. I say, FUCK all convention and rules...go out and have fun.

Get laid if ya can! GIT FUCKIN' LAID! It's fun, hot, delicious, and makes ya forget that the world is crashing into a wall. The enjoyment of another's body is the absolute best drug around. And if you're on pot (NOT THAT I WOULD KNOW OF COURSE), the sex just gets hotter. MAMA MIA!

I know many of you struggle with weight issues, but have some good food and snacks once in a while. We only live fuckin' once, and to deny yourself that lemon merengue pie or burger just because you gotta watch the lbs. is really dumb. So go exercise it off then! Take a long walk! OR GIT LAID! All great exercise for that just ingested bag o' potato chips that's making u feel guilty.

And music. How soothing to the soul it is. A great tune, a beautiful voice, and arrangement can lift your spirit when it is truly down. So crank up that IPOD. The nuclear bombs are coming; might as well stick those earphones in way deep and enjoy.

A good joke or twisted sense of humor like mine goes a long way ta ease the pain of this current existence. I can laugh at almost anything really, and nothing seems to be off limits to me, only because it's a great way to cope. SO LAUGH IT UP! AHAHAHAHAHAAHAH! Yeah, like that. Laugh till ya can't hold them farts in.

And when all else fails, sleep will do the trick. To be unconscious, is true bliss...

Okay. I've rambled and ranted long enough. I'm pretty fucking crazy I know; I cannot help but see what is going on and not worry a bit. And even if all were well and LA DEE DA, the grim reaper's still coming to get me and you no matter what.

So I work smart and as little as possible, but party and play hard.

After all, what power do we have to truly control what is already wrong and continues to get worse?

Let the fucking Middle East burn.


Mikey said...

Amen brother!!

Todd said...

Interesting. A little different attitude today. What's up? Not that there's anything wrong with your suggestions, at all!

Darci Monet said...

Damn...what's been on YOUR mind lately? ;-)

Loren Soth said...

Sighs.... maw...maw...

Bill German said...

well said. live for today is right. I have no plans, plans are pointless. So have a beck's and suck some slong

Marko said...

Right on, Im trying to forget about it. Its really messed up. Lets just have fun and party like its 1999! LOL!