Monday, July 24, 2006


Holy mole!

We had record-breaking temperatures this past weekend here in LOSS ANGLE-EEZ! I mean, it was probably the hottest I've felt it in years! Since I happen to live in the San Fernando Valley, the heat is usually worse than in LA proper ya know? and at one point on Saturday, it got to 109 degrees!

ABSOLUTELY UNBEARABLE MY GEEKS AND FREAKS! WHEW! My family was sweet enough to take me out to eat Saturday as a belated bday thing, and we went to nearby Burbank where at one point we had to walk two little blocks to get to our restaurant, and that was enough to send us all close to the point of heatstroke. It truly felt like being in Las Vegas; the kinda heat that can really kill you.

And what happens to be rare here in LA is that we usually don't suffer from the horrific humidity that many complain of in other parts of the country, but that has also been a problem lately, especially at nights were there is no relief at all from any breeze or fresh air. The temperature's been staying at an annoying 80 to 90 degrees nightly with nothing but stagnant hot air. It's just hard to breathe man!

This kind of heat is real annoying and the only saving grace is that some hot boys will wander around out there with less and less clothes. YEEHA! Check out those tank tops, shorts, and flip flops baby!

Other than that, we're having the hottest and most uncomfortable summer in this part of the country in years. Fans and air conditioners unite!

Unless we get a blackout, which I hear we're in danger of actually having.



G-Man said...

Even way up north here in WI, we've been getting temps close to 100 and unstoppable humity as well. I asked somebody the other day where I should move to escape this weather, then realized that people usually move to WI to escape the heat. I suppose the North Pole is always nice this time of the year! :)

And they say global warming is a falicy.....

Have a great week bud!

Bill German said...

smells like global warming to me.

Todd said...

Just remember that the humidity is good for your skin and complexion!

Mikey said...

It's hotter up here too bro. I ussally don't a problem with heat but I am this year. I do like the hot guys in less clothing

Marko said...

Damn that is hot! Its averaging here between 95-100 and we havent had much rain at all so the humidity isnt like it usually is. I think its is global warming.
Stay cool bro!

The Gay Guru said...

Hey cutie, sorry I havent posted to you in a while, been hectic up Guru way, if a LITTLE cooler at 85-90 here in NE Ohio. You are still welcome to skinny dip in my pool anytime handsome, =). Sorry about your friend's mom, and belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Talk to you soon blogger friend.....GG

Mario said...

I like the heat. That's one of the things I like from Texas and the south in general. Snow is beutiful to look at for 2 minutes, then I long for the sweat on my face and the beutiful sun making everything golden.