Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Well, well, well.

I ain't no, but here I am, probably stating the already obvious fact that N'Sync member Lance Bass finally came out of the closet! And apparently he's with this dude: Leichen Lehmkuhl.

Congrats Lance! It is liberating and removes lots of the stupid pressure don't it? Sucks though that he couldn't do it at the height of the group's amazing popularity. I really find it horrible that so many still have to remain closeted in many respects. Can you imagine how many athletes are still living the lie; many no doubt in baseball or football? Singers, actors, and many others still cannot run the risk of losing fans or their reputation by revealing their sexuality.

I resent heterosexuality at times, and often wish we didn't have to go through this extra struggle. A boy and a girl can hold hands, can make out in public, can express their true love, get married, raise a family and be totally accepted and embraced by all of society without a problem. Well, for the most part that is.

But a gay man?!

Great progress has been made no doubt, but it still fuckin' sucks.

Don't expect Anderson Cooper, Kevin Spacey, Ricky Martin, or Tom Cruise to reveal themselves openly anytime soon.


G-Man said...

What's next...KD Lang is gonna admit she's gay too!? What a shock! LOL

Loren Soth said...

Indeed, next you know Jim J. Bullock and Bruce Vilanch are gonna come out as well.

Well Lance, welecome to the family. I am glad you immediate family and former NSync members are cool with everything.

Great that you are out and able to live a happy life :-)

Marko said...

I say good for him!

Darci said...

I've never really understood why it's anyone's business either way just because you're in the public eye. I will never understand the "he/she should have come out at the height of his/her fame" argument. My sex life, as a straight woman, is private to me, why can't it be private for Lance? Can you imagine what the scrutiny and the invasions of privacy would be BEYOND what he probably already had to deal with had he admitted he was gay back in the day? Can't say as I'd not keep MY trap shut, too. In fact, I KNOW I would.

Some people feel called to wave their banners for everyone else. Some don't. And the latter shouldn't be pressured to nor looked down upon for not doing so.

Anderson Cooper? Oh come on! Now you're reaching. ;-)

Mario said...

yeah, I always tought he was gay. his boyfriend is goodlooking. nice couple.

Bill German said...

timberlake is so homophobic, he is probably disgusted with lance. (e.g. the mtv movie awards when he gave jake the award and mocked the whole gay kissing scene).

Loren Soth said...

Timberlake is not homophobic.

He was just okaying with Jake G. Remember the previous MTV movie awards with he a William Sean Scott? There wer innnuendos in there too. Since Timberlake is the pretty boy, he gets a lot of jokes poked at him. So he was just fooling around. No harm no fowl.

Loren Soth said...

One of the reasons public figures should come out is becuase they are public figures. Although it is true, somethings should be private.... it kinda gets tossed out the window when your a public figure. It goes with the income and fame.

Public figure, especially those of the homosexual persuasion need to come out. Only they can reach the millions of confused teens and adult who struggle with homophobia. Sexuality is much more than just who I am having sex with, but it is a lifestyle. Public figures who are known show everyone were are normal, we can be successful, and contribute to society.

As the homo-wave banners says "Silence = Death".

Darci Monet said...

Sorry darlin, but I think that's crap. EVERY public figure, gay or straight, deserves his or her right to privacy. Just because you're a public figure doesn't at all mean you should have to be or even FEEL responsible for all the confused teenagers in the world. That's incredibly unfair to ask of anyone.

Loren Soth said...


Well your never going to be faced with that decision now are you? The point is Lance came out, he said it, and he has made a positive difference.

Last time I checked we lived in a world of reporters, unruly camera men, and a government that is invasive to our privacy. You have to live with that fact, and as a public figure come out and say it before the rumors start to fly. You can't control a 100,000 media men and women.

Like I said, you lose most of your right to privacy once you become famous. Nothing you can say or do will change that fact. Our news media and tabloids will jump all over in a heart beat. So if your in the public eye.... use that muluh to go away, build your large fences and hedges, and crazy costumes. If you can't deal with it, maybe stardom isn't a career path you should choose.