Friday, July 21, 2006


----------------I cannot for the life of me understand how this gorgeous, THIS INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS YOUNG MAN, can walk the face of the Earth and not be mauled by people wanting to jump his bones. Or perhaps, he does have that problem huh? He is jaw-droppingly beautiful!

HOT DIGGITY DAMN! I just saw the trailer for his new movie too, John Tucker Must Die, and in every scene of that preview that he is in, he looks absolutely amazing. AMAZING!

What a fuckin' hottie. No wonder he's got so many websites dedicated to him:


Mikey said...

I agree Wat!! OH yeah I got a new computer, so I'm baaaaaaack!! Hoped you had an amazing birthday!

Marko said...


slicvic said...

Cool! I haven't seen this guy since "Saved By The Bell" was cancelled. Let's hope Zack didn't give Schreech a part in the movie!

Bill German said...

he reminds me of jesse bradford