Wednesday, July 19, 2006


This blog officially turns two years old today!

So, here I am, munching on a bag of pretzels, horny as hell, suffering through this interminable heat wave, and wondering how in tha hell I've been able to maintain this blog for the past two years. I used to bitch and moan about having no readers, now I'm read by millions daily and have become quite the international celebrity!

Thanks to each and every one of you. The goal of this blog is to not only delve into my insane mind, but to also explore and discuss all kinds of topics and issues. I cover it all as much as possible, for it gives me great pleasure (along with a hot blowjob) to inform you with my vast and undeniable genius!

Anyway, enough about my greatness and my giant huge thick penis, it also happens to be my birthday today. Das right dawg. My bloody fuckin' birthday. I have tons of gray hair now! Thank God for Just For Men and my still strong remaining brown hair. I ain't no Anderson Cooper just yet! Chuckle, chuckle!

Feeling pretty silly tonight. I guess I'm trying to forget the tragedy of life. My beloved and only true love's mother passed away yesterday morning. I feel terrible to be honest, but she is better off not suffering anymore. I shall always be grateful I got to meet her and thank her for having given birth to him; he is a true angel and I shall love him till the day I die. Rest in peace mom darling, for it is a place we are all headed to eventually.

So with the world in strange chaos and uncertainty, and George Bush the greatest president in our history (I added that to see if you're paying attention & ready to hurl), till next time faithful reader.

Damn, this heat makes me soooo horny! LOL!


*la luna negra* said...

feliz cumpleaños puñal!
mucho cariño!

sorry about true love's mom :(

Mario said...

Happy Birthday!! Felicidades!! I hope you celebrate today and the rest of the week!!!

Todd said...

Happy Birthday! And Happy Birthday to Existential Wasteland.

Marko said...

Wow, Happy double birthday!
I enjoy your blog very much and I think you have a talent with your words and you have alot of provoking things to say. Its never boring, heres to even more birthdays!
Im sorry to hear about the recent death, death has played a big role for me this year, 3 in 3 months. They are in a better place and thats what we have to think of.
Cheers and keep up the blogging!

G-Man said...

I agree with you that somehting about a heat wave makes me pretty damn horny too! LOL

Congrats on the blogoversary!! I've been doing mine for over 3 years, and i always feel like its quite the accomplishment. You're well on your way too my friend! I've been reading since early last winter, and I always like your combo of personal stuff vs. the thought provoking world events stuff. You're really an intellegent guy.

ALSO..Happy Birthday!!! Go grey naturally, that's what I say! Of course, I'm a readhead and that will never happen to me! LOL

Anyway...happy birthday to the both of you on this effed up world full of horny bloggers! LOL

Have a good one!

Conclave27 said...

Thanks for putting that in. Maw


Happy B-day.

Bill German said...

blow out the candle.