Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I was very reluctant to join MySpace for a good while, but was finally convinced by my pretty girl/wifey MJ to get an account, and so I signed up in February. I have my reservations though. Seems like many on on there are looking for their cheap fifteen minutes of fame, to be noticed, to be popular, or at least appear to be. Some really do use it as a popularity contest, almost like high school or something! BLAH!

Mind you, I like MySpace so far for a variety of reasons. It's free, ya get to stay in touch with friends whom you rarely see anymore, and in my case, it actually helped me come out of the closet when some of my family members ran into my page. When used to keep in touch with people you really know and have met in the past, or are still dealing with in your present, the service works well and is quite enjoyable.


I run into so many pages of people who have a set of friends in the hundreds, if not thousands! How in tha hell does one individual know so many people, let alone keep in touch realistically with all of them?! Unless you're a big star with a huge fanbase, I doubt your regular average Joe Smith with a MySpace set of 5,768 friends can truly keep in touch with all those people. Does Joe Smith really even freakin' know so many human beings? I find it lame to just add people for addition's sake, as if you're trying to build up your friends list for the sole purpose of appearing loved or popular.

I won't be an ass and deny anyone who's trying to meet me or add me on as a friend. I've actually met some cool people on there. But one has to be realistic and clean up that friends list from time to time and delete many on there who are just there taking up space. Taking up space on MySpace! HAHA! I got some forty friends or so on my list, and for the most part I'd say the vast majority of them really mean something to me. If anyone is on there just because it makes me appear loved and crap, then out they go! I get a lot of webcam slutty girls and gay dudes that wanna join my list a lot. DELETE THEM I SAY!

Everyone now is a musician, actor, poet, name it! Everybody's talented and special. Or at least wants to be. Hell, I too am probably guilty of it by now. I got this blog and a MySpace page. I TOO WANT TO BE NOTICED DAMNIT! ACKNOWLEDGED! A LITTLE BIT FAMOUS! AND CERTAINLY POPULAR! LOLOL!

For (let's be honest now) why else do we do it right?


The Gay Guru said...

Hey Wat baby, you are famous to me!! Actually MySpace has been a godsend for a project like mine, where I am trying to target primarily friends in our GLBT community who want a forum to get some advice, info, commentary and humor. The MySpace search tool, targets very specific friends and it is a great way to get noticed. I dont take my MySpace friends for granted, but you are right, its gone way past the point where I can keep in touch individually with most. I do have to say though, that I post "thank you's and welcomes" to anyone who ads me, personally, and the first 600 friends, I did remember most of them by heart, now at almost 1200..its pretty damn hard. Great post blogger friend, when you coming out east for a

Todd said...

My Space seems to be the only way I keep up with my friends. And what's sad is that these are all friends that live in the same city as me. But with everyone working weird schedules and keeping up with their busy lives, it's a really nice way to stay in touch.

You've brought up some interesting points. Why do we blog? Why do we spend time tweaking our My Space profiles? What is missing in our lives that we feel we need to do these things?

Bill German said...

I am a worthless peice of shit.

Mario said...

I blog because I like writing about myself. I don't know what that really means in a deeper sense because I am not that sure that I do this for others as much as I do it for myself. But MySpace doesn't really appeal to me. Probably because most of my friends are not into it, and maybe because when I feel like meeting new people I go out or post an ad where I say I want to meet somebody in the physical world. What I liked about your entry is you pointing out how relatively easy it is to have thousands of "friends" on MySpace, I mean, how sad that the concept of "friend" has been streched so thinly in that context.

Marko said...

Im pretty new on Myspace too. I like the networking aspect of it and to hear new artisits, its a great tool. I find that it has a hard time with loading pages and its very slow. Its funny alot of old friends have found me on there.
If you wanna check out my page, I have a link to it on my blog!