Friday, May 18, 2007


So, the population of los Estados Unidos de América now stands at about 300 million correct?

And the media is now reporting that 100 million of dem peeps are not White of traditional European descent! Yes, some 45 million are Hispanic, 40 million or so Black, and the rest Asian or whatever. This kind of propaganda seems very divisive and has many very concerned and upset.

Some examples of what people are already commenting and saying on the MSNBC message board:


-Get Over It. The dynamics of the population is changing. Regardless the problems we face in this country is not due to minorities. It's ok to have a strong force of Hispanics in the military. Yet a vast majority of white Americans look at them in a terrible light. Let's look at real focuses...We are spending a billion a week in Iraq. China owns all our trade. These are the two major disasters holding America back not the change in population with minorities... Growth comes from resources. No one is holding whites from going out and having more children.

-i have traveled overseas a lot with the army and as a civilian. i have learned a valuable lesson. anywhere else in the world we are americans black, white, latin, all american and hated equally. our enemies do not discriminate and pry on the fact that we have no united identity to dived us and keep our focus form them. no mater who is behind the uniform over there in island of hate and intolerance we are americans we are brothers no matter the color.

-The U.S. has become a Melting Pot of Trailer Trash. When Immigration goes unchecked everyone loses.

-I will take 10 Canadians over 1 Mexican EVERYDAY

-The fact is that white people need to start having more kids. I am from southern california. Go to any hispanic community and you see cars full of kids. I go to a white community, and all I see is young people walking their dogs. What's wrong with this picture.

-As a white male I hope I live long enough to apply for minority status, then I can scream racist and file lawsuits everytime I dont get my way, just like most minorites do now.........

-We love their food and we can't seem to get enough of it. We also love the fact that a lot of their kids are dying in iraq instead of "real american" rich kids. But when it come to them as a people, we cannot get past seeing illegal's as viruses spreading across this nation and turning it into a 3rd world country.

-White people don't have kids because we are not stupid enough to spit out babies we can't afford. It's called a standard of living. Remember, we have lots of black and hispanic babies to support with our tax dollars.

-What brains do the Mexicans provide...ABSOLUTELY NONE!! In fact they are pretty DUMB people. At least the ones I have had to deal with. It is judicious to claim that on the IQ level, they would score pretty low. Just like the general black population would.

-So, since the English came and "killed" the 'Native Americans' (they're not 'Indians') then that somehow makes it ok for mexicans to come across our border and mooch off of us? Get the hell out! Everybody! Just go! We were doing awesomely before you came along. All this "we build and do jobs no one wants" makes me sick. Who the hell do you think did that stuff before you all came over here and trashed up our neighborhoods? You over-estimate your importance. America for a brief period was the new Rome until, also like Rome, our borders are falling to barbarians.

-YA, thanks to Bush. He might as well invite all in to the US. The whites are the minority now. The illegals get everything anyways, might as well give them more. I think we are are headed for a civil war, and i'm all for it. Bring it on.

-Hey Argentineflower, if you're Argentine, you ARE white!!! Argentine blood is mostly Italian and Spanish!! HAHAHA! What defines you as "Hispanic?" The fact that you speak Spanish?!?!? A WHITE LANGUAGE!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! You're white JUST LIKE ME!!!!!

-White men came here in response to land to culture it, something the indians were not doing, white men came here and improved the land, not trashed it, they worked their butts off to make this country what it is, didnt sit around and take siestas all day, get drunk and party constantly !

-I am a white girl, blond hair and blue eyes, they have the nerve to aske me if I speak spanish, I ask do you speak English, they get upset, why should i have to learn spanish when this is america !!!! Its all bull***t

-the native Americans can vouch for what happens when immigration goes unchecked

-most people on welfare are white.

-Would there be the same outrage if these were Irish people, white Australians or Lithuanians? I really doubt's not about people breaking the law. It's about race. At least be honest.

-It's time for the American people to JUST SAY NO TO MEXICO! Don't buy things made in Mexico! Don't eat at Mexican restarurants or buy Mexican food. Give them good old wholesome neglect. Boycott Taco Bell.

-Why is it that everyone blames minorities for the state of our nation when White men are the ones who run it? I am all for personal accountability, but the social and economic systems set up in this country are not geared towards the betterment of minorities. There is partial blame to be placed on white people (those in power) for why blacks specifically are in the state that they are in today. How many of you want to wager that if and when Barack Obama gets into office, things in our country will finally start to get better.

-Oh u were tricked? hey! hop on this boat and put on these chains!! were going to a to a tropical location where there food, houses and girls with a place for a new start! who the hell would be tricked to be put in those conditions to go somewhere of their own free will... Right... come one that's the text books talking. we tricked them into coming here as slaves.. i find it hard to believe any black man or woman would be that naive.

-you are one dumb cracker hater! I hope that someone pale skinned, dressed in blue comes over to your house and chains you up like your great-great granddaddy Kunta then sticks you in a cage with the other dumb animals. You're not fit to walk around freely. Anyone as dumb as you should have to wear a helmet at all times. At the very least, an orange jumpsuit. By the way, you should thank a white guy for taking your stupid ass relatives out of Africa since you don't have to worry about AID's or Ebola or monkey pox or running away from lions and what not. Instead of living in a mud hut, you're free to spend your whole day at home in the ghetto, lying on the couch, drinking grape Kool AID and watching Judge Mathis while waiting for your welfare check.

-Our nation is doomed. With the fatherless welfare thugs sucking us dry, add on to that the 50 million+ illegals, with both groups getting more and more militant...
God help us all.

-AMEN! I don't care what color you are or where you're from, I just don't want uneducated, trashy, criminals living next to me. That's all white people are afraid of. We don't hate as much as people think. One of my bestfriends and certainly the most intelligent person I know is black. It's not about race, get off the whole "Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton" kick. My family came over to this country poor and worked as indentured servants alongside slaves. I'm not better than anyone. My family never owned slaves and I certainly don't so stop being so racist against white people because I don't owe anyone ANYTHING! I'm just the guy next door who wants to live in a nice neighborhood and be safe and mind my own business. I would just rather not trash inherit this country.


My favorite comment of them all and the one person who makes true sense:

-The true deservable inhabitants of this planet are animals. They have been dwelling here for hundreds of millions of years. Man has been on this rock in a technological state for maybe 200,000 years. In that period he has almost destroyed the place. Talk about "there goes the neighborhood". The best solution is for an asteroid to wipe him off and start afresh. Like it or not it is coming and the government is very afraid of that. Man is an utter failure.


DARKNESS said...


Junk Thief said...

Gosh, I'm glad I read that closely so I understood that those were message board quotes, not your thoughts. Egads, Spanish didn't come from Mexico? I had no idea. Maybe they didn't invent the VW Beetle either. It reminds me of a great aunt from Torrance who used to speak of her neighbor from Buenoes Aires as "a white Mexican from Argentina."

Yes, let's build a fence -- around all the red states so those idiots can never escape and move to DC and ruin what is left of this country.

Gavin Elster said...

Maybe the end really is near? With all the people in the USA there is an awful lot of inbreeding going on.
Those quotes you found are proof. What is the matter with these people?

Todd said...

I don't get it. What's the big deal? Shouldn't we welcome diversity into our communities? Isn't that how we grow and learn and become better people? And yes, these immigrants are taking jobs away from "white" people, but most of the "white" people feel too entitled to do those jobs.

It's so scary to think that we live in a country full of idiotic Nazis.

Sebastien said...

I think having lots of diversity is important. Our culture is more interesting and better because of it.

Some of those comments are really scary. I think I might move to Antartica, penguins seem like nice company.

Zhu said...

I'm gonna puke. Can't stand these kind of comments...

I know in Canada, Stats Canada when doing a census is forbidden by law to ask for people's ethnicity. Exactly for this reason.

Morons will always be morons... What can you do ?

Have you ever tried to argue with a truly racist person ? I did. Most frustrating experience in my whole life.

Scot said...

Seeing that picture of J-Lo yet again makes me finally realize why the Bare Naked Ladies sing "but not real green dress, that's cruel."

Pod said...

people say the same here, even the government, in a very blunt fashion. as you say, the way we live is changing. wake up people! one love and all that hippy shit hey?
i often wonder how the last surving animal of a speciaes on the brink of extinction would feel.

molly said...

i have american family in the red states (and they suck...i think ive mentioned them to you before)
and i sincerely did not believe that there were so many americans with these thoughts in tehir heads until i went to south carolina and realized that not only do these people exist but im FUCKING RELATED TO THEM!
i must say, i luuuurve canada...people here are amazing, which was why i was so shocked by the racism and homophobia i saw in the states

here you see two thirteen year old guys making out on the street corner and you dont blink an eye

there two guys are simply hanging out together and people are like "oh my god, are they gay? why are those people let out of the house?"