Friday, May 25, 2007


I've noticed this kind of post a lot lately, and I was tagged by Mademoiselle Darci Monet, so here goes darling:

1) I have become addicted to avocado sandwiches. Easy to make too, and delicious. Two slices of bread, some mayo, an avocado slice or two cut and spread out, some salt, and presto! YUMMY!

2) My ultimate vacation destination is Spain. I am obsessed with the country that makes up part of my heritage, and I hear España does not disappoint. Lots of good food, hot people, old castles, churches, and other architectural marvels to behold which is why it is the second most tourist-visited country in the world.

3) I'm not too fond of saying or hearing "Good morning!" or "¡Buenos Días!" to be honest, especially on weekday mornings, when it comes from my fellow co-workers. I'd rather just say hello to someone instead of having to utter such an annoying phrase, when in all honesty I'm rarely happy to have to get up in the morning period. Yeah yeah, I should be grateful for all I have I know, but I just don't feel that damn cheery in the morn ok?!

4) I used to be very patriotic and had lots of pride in the United States. Now, I'm not so freakin' sure anymore; the last few years of Bush have disappointed just about everyone, and that most certainly includes me. I live in a country with terrible racism, homophobia and social inequalities and with a corrupt government that meddles in others' affairs to the point of risking its citizens' lives. It's too bad, for I naively believed in America wholeheartedly at one point, and now I think I'm very cynical and perhaps, jaded.

5) I was given my father's middle name, Arnoldo. It's kindo goofy I suppose, but it's okay. I'm a dork anyway.

6) I was originally fine with getting buried after I die, but now I'm not so sure; decomposing in a box sounds horrifying. I may go the cremation route. UGH! THE CRUEL JOKE THAT I HAVE TO DIE MAKES ME CRINGE! But alas, it's the one true fate of us all. Just burn me to a crisp, then grind the remaining cadaver/bones into powder. How vile!

7) I must be one of the few people in America who does not like peanut butter or pickles. Okay, certain pickles perhaps... My mind and yours are in the gutter again I see!

8) I am really digging this Australian rock group called Jet. They are terrific! HOLY COW! They only have two albums out so far, but damn they're good. Sort of a mix between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Very beautiful melodies/harmonies and catchy guitar riffs. Me likey a whole lot! Some fine songwriting there mates and I love the classic rock sound.

9) I'm into feet--nice feet that is. Purty hot. I wonder if Jakey G. has nice feet. Never really seen 'em. Does anyone have a pic of a barefoot Jakey G. where I can clearly see his stompers? I have nice feet actually; very suckable--among other things...

10) Not to brag but, I have to use magnum-sized or extra large condoms. Yeah, I'm a bit proud of that, what can I say? ;)


DARKNESS said...

You forgot your obsession with cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The feet thing wow lil bro that's something new to me. Having a large set of man berrys and stump well it runs in the family HA!! Man I could type a long ass blog thingy just about you on here but nah people want to know they can ask.

Junk Thief said...

Yep, I think I agree on just about everything on the list -- feet to big condoms to Spain to avocados (which are also now my favorite hair product). Though there sure are a lot of feet in flip flops that I wish were in Doc Marten's or whatever else it takes to hide their ugliness. It's a hard choice -- what's uglier: Crocs or skanky feet? Hate to say it, but I would rather look at Crocs than some of the feet that should never see the light of day. There are some damned ugly bohemian feet here in SF.

M- Filer said...

Open toed sandals should be illegal with out a special-use permit. You my friend would get your permit no problem with those doggies. Beautiful boys you have, oh and apparently Beautiful BOY too.

Scot said...

1) I have a thing against mayo in general- like ribbons of fat on meat. Makes me gag. leave off the mayo and add some bacon, I'll be happy with the sandwich.
2) would rather be at Macho Pichu if the altitude doesn't kill me (sea level denzien here)
3)I usually truncate to "morning" and a greatin. Also prefer the word Monday with the accent on day MonDAY because it sounds like mundane.
4) Never been a flag flier. there's a lot of good here, a lot of BS. Beats El Salvador
5) My dad's middle name is Vernon. Thank God I my mom knew better than to use that. And yeah, he's a dork.
6) Not thrilled with most alternatives, but ashes have the most appeal to me- but where to ask them to be scattered?
7) peanut butter and pickles sounds like an awful combo. Peanut butter and red onion sandwich can be good..
8)Jet is cool- been a fan for a while
9) my feet are remarkable nice for a dancer... you can suck my big toe any time you like
10) yes, we're aware you like a magnum wrapped c*ck in you. You should be proud, many can't take that

Sebastien said...

I HATE peanut butter! I remember, growing up, at lunch time I'd see all my little American buddies chomping down on these peanut butter/jelly sandwiches, I thought that stuff was garbage. Still do.

Those avocado sandwiches sound very good though, I might have to start making myself some of those.

And I don't know what it is about Spain, but that country really is full of attractive people.

Christopher said...

my my my...what big toes you have!

Emma said...

extra large condoms?
you must have just the most terribly lengthy...
to-do list
and I too have always wanted to go to Spain. And ugh I am the opposite of all that is morning-oriented.
re. the political stuff- i so completely agree.

alice said...

I already knew that you're not a morning person, although you were always cordial to me. I am disgustingly cheerful in the a.m., and I'm sure my sunny disposition makes a few people nauseated.

You know what people say about big feet........ um... good balance.

Zhu said...

I hate peanut butter too, but I guess it's normal since I'm French. I'm addicted to Nutella though (do you have it in the States ?).

I guess it's a good thing to question your patriotism... Bush (well, the Bush family actually) are total idiots but I think the USA are much more than that, so many wonderful people there !

I have to try avocado sandwiches. Must be good...

Oh, and for yu morning greeting, adopt the Chinese one :

ni chifan le ma ?

It means : "have you eaten yet ?" ! :D

Darci Monet said...

I take it back. Ten random facts about you is WAY too much information.

alexgirl said...

I love avocado, but that sandwich sounds too mushy. I need a little crunch in my food.
And Spain. Good choice.

Preciosa said...

Good to know! :D You and your bro have the same exact feet... well one of them anyways. ha

Pod said...

i had a sneaky suspicion that you might be a dork.....