Wednesday, July 09, 2008


So I was messing around on MySpace and ran into their cheesy karaoke page! You can go on there and actually record yourself singing and have others rate and leave comments! I had to go and start with Beatles tunes right?

The 1967 classic "I Am the Walrus", butchered by yours truly:

And also from 1967, "A Day in the Life", which I think I sing a bit better:
Mind you, I'm trying to mimic John Lennon as best possible. Comments/feedback are welcome and expected.


Anonymous said...

That's some NICE karaoke going on...Yoko would probably be honored at your attempt to sound like John Lennon...I Like it...KUDOS man

dit said...

That is so great you love to sing. I like to listen. 8-)

Conclave27 said...

So when are we having a Karaoke party are you house him?
Glad you found some cool beatle tunes on youtube.
Brings me back to the days we used to go and se Jackie

(Shameless Ploy to show my blogger ID... bwhahahaha)

M- Filer said...

I like it. You sound just like the guy for God sake, I am not all surprised that you sing well.

I Just downloaded the player and am rehearsing a teckno version of Love Profusion for my upcoming "Sticky Cock Tour".

Lewis said...

Alright Mr. WAT, so in my Google Reader where I read all of my blogs, I can't see anything except black type....and you typically pick some fancy color....but I've just fingered (oops, figured) out why I couldn't see the body of yor posts! I can see them on your site, but not in my reader.....oh dear.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

you have a loverly voice!!!

Gary said...

Wow, I just had a listen to both songs and I have two thoughts- well three. First, you sound great! Second, I was surprised to hear that you have a high singing voice after listening to you speak with such a deep voice. Third, so that is where the eggman comes from (The Walrus). I was watching a video clip on YouTube related to the picture you have on your header of Divine and the woman in the crib. Very strange stuff.