Monday, July 21, 2008


I had a nice birthday weekend.

It was almost soured however, by two Hispanic petty mean catty gay men I ran into. One of them said to me that I obviously did not work out because I’m skinny. “Nothing wrong with that,” he said, “but you’re skinnier than me.” His pecs were huge and looked bizarre against his much smaller frame. Another gay dude that is very dark due to his African-Brazilian mix, said he disliked Argentines because he found them racist and pompous. “They think they’re so special because they’re of European descent and they’re not very nice, I seem to have lots of problems with them!” I said, “Really? Argentines are very nice to me, I get along with them fine.” He replied, “That’s because you’re light! Look at yourself! They like you because you’re white like them. They’re racist!” The low self-esteemed dark young man then proceeded to tell me all about the recent college course he’d taken on Latin American history. He was trying to show off his recently-learned knowledge on a subject I’ve been reading about and studying for years and he was taken aback when I was able to talk to him about the Treaty of Tordesillas and the invasion of Spain by the Moors in 711 A.D. I don’t think he liked me much after that. He said he was impressed by my smarts, but didn’t much talk to me after the phony praise. I’m stupid to take envy from others so personally, but I’m sensitive like that; a dumbass astrological Cancer I suppose.

My mother and brother were nice to take me out to eat to The Cheesecake Factory for my birthday. It takes forever to get a table, but it’s worth the wait. The restaurant is beautiful and the food is delicious. And that cheesecake! OF COURSE! DAMN! SO GOOD! My buds and I went to see Hellboy 2: The Golden Army last night. It was so enjoyable and I’m sorry many more won’t be seeing it due to the enormous popularity of the Batman film. A crazy movie with terrific acting and stunning visuals! Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro is a genius! The new Spielberg/Lucas of our time! The action was non-stop! FOUR STARS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! The critics are right! I liked the original, but this one was so much better, in my humble opinion. The film had such an interesting social commentary as well, on whether humans are worth saving due to our wicked destructive nature. Right up my alley!

You must see this on a big screen. I’m serious.


Conclave27 said...

So your saying the skinny guy who was insulting you had a big rack?
Wow a guy with tits, was he a drag queen too? And the boy you met from the Amistad, he was just being obnoxious. If you had you leggled hobbled too you'd be pissed.

Don't worry about people like that I know you and you are more than perfect :-). Never ever beleive what you here from barflys. Take it from "Cheers", all those people where real losers....look at the characters and what happened to them. When they did a comeback on Frasier...there were still the same losers he met at the bar. Niles Crane was the only one that really saw them for what they were.

Todd said...

Why do people let these things from the distant past reflect their current attitudes? I don't understand.
Anyway, I agree with you on Hellboy 2. What a great, fun movie. There's a few flaws here and there, but who cares, right? It's a gorgeous movie and so much beyond what those hacks Lucas/Speilberg could ever pull off.

dit said...

Happy belated birthday my friend.

I am so sorry to hear that these two guys said these things to you. So ridiculous, have people lost all common courtesy?

I love cheesecake factory too.

sir jorge of culver said...

i like the portions at cheesecake factory.

joe*to*hell said...


Bob Dylan said...

Why must people voice stupid opinions? A friend of mine got engaged to a great guy who happens to have been born in Israel. He came to the USA at age 3. He's never been out of the US. So a supposedly nice woman approaches him at the engagement party and first words out of her mouth were something like " I'm an honest person so I have to tell you, that although I'm Jewish , I HATE, I really HATE Israelis and if I had known E. was dating an Israeli, I would have stopped her before she got too involved."
What could he say after that monologue? He just looked at her and guess what? She continued to explain why she hated his kind. Finally her husband appeared at her side, and realized what she was saying and took her away.

some people hate themselves and want to make others hurt. It gives them a thrill or something--something we can't understand because we wouldn't do that shit to others.

LBIC said...

Oooh, another Cancer! Whoot whoot. Can you believe I was stupid enough to get the cancer sign tattooed on my lower back. True story.

Pod said...

i missed your birthday!
you can smack my botty if that makes you feel better