Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I'm at work in Chatsworth, which is in the very Western part of this huge city of Los Angeles, and I gots ta tell ya, this quake we just had at about 11:45 a.m. local time felt pretty bad. All I could say over and over again as it was happening was the Spanish word for earthquake, terremoto. LOL! The further east you go towards the epicenter (like towards where I live or in Pasadena), I can only imagine how much worse it felt. My nerves went off a bit, but I'm okay now. Magnitude 5.4. Cell phones/landlines are jammed. Some of my cubicle toys fell off. Again, it felt very very strong here. This has been a bad shaker, but it seems like damage will be minimal.

We got lucky. This time.



Christopher said...

LMAO...I can totally picture you running around the office screaming "terremoto" !!

Glad you're ok (but I'm still laughing)!

dit said...

That is funny christopher. I can see it too. Glad you are ok. I am in the South bay and it really did not feel that bad here. No cubicle toys shaken or anything.

I may find something different in Culver City when I get home. Thoughts are with those near the epicenter.

Amadeus said...

Some of my dildo's fell off my windowsill.. the 10 inch black one is missing though. Other than that all is good in Pasadena.

Thank goddess its over.

aka: amadeus

Anonymous said...

Felt it all the way up here in Bakersfield. It was a sharp jolt for me. Made me feel all dizzy for a few seconds. Glad you guys down south are all ok!

Lewis said...

Didn't feel a thing here in Portland. Sorry to be a smart mouth. I hope all of you boys are safe and no harm to any of you.

Conclave27 said...

Oddly enough over here in downtown area of boyle heights. Nada, just a quick holt and that was it. So much for an earthquake... I felt more from that time... oh whoops.. nevermind...lol. Glad everyone is safe.

Todd said...

I was really glad to read that there was no major damage or deaths. Gotta love those building codes.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Glad you survived and were only rattled not damaged. I feel we are overdue for one up north now. It was amusing to see that wretch Judge Judy racing to save her own ass and oblivious to those around her. She let her true colors show.