Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I had a vivid dream while asleep. I saw Jesus of Nazareth wearing the crown of thorns in front of the multitudes and I was there on the sidelines trying to get them to crucify that evil crook Barabbas instead, but they would not listen! They just wouldn't! The thirst for sacrifice in their eyes was barbaric! "It's the biggest mistake of your lives," I kept shouting. "This man is innocent! He has come here to save you with a genuine message!" Alas, I woke up, but found my dream most interesting to say the least. Kinda glad I had it. Maybe it was a message from the Lord above? I have been doubting my faith lately...

You know, instead of writing a screenplay, it might just be easier to write a book. The screenplay format looks a bit too complex and doesn't allow you to delve into the minds and thoughts of the characters as much as a novel would. Let some other fool adapt my great masterpiece of a novel for the screen right? LOLOL! I'm such a big idealist dreamer at times ain't I?
Speaking of dreaming, I'm in Spain. Or France. Yeah. On a long, long, loooooooong vacation. Waking up at about 9a.m. next to that special someone. Going down to the restaurant of our luxurious hotel to have a four-star continental breakfast. Getting picked up by our limo and dropped off at The Louvre or El Prado. Enjoying the sights and sounds of these world-class museums. Having a delicious lunch at a local café or something. Taking a stroll and lots of pictures. Going back to the classy hotel for a nice afternoon nap. Watching some TV. Then off to four-course dinner! And then off to a good live show or dance club to party. Back to the hotel at about 2a.m. I suppose and some hardcore action! Sleep. Repeat the next day with different activities here and there. I've been watching live streaming TV from Spain and France a lot lately, thanks to this website with live steaming broadcasts from all over the world! Check it out if you can. It's pretty cool. Helps me brush up on my French skills especially. Takes me to Europe practically for free!

And here's the latest SPIN magazine online with Coldplay. Pretty cool.


Todd said...

This is an interesting post, to say the least. I'm not sure what your dream means. As far as the novel vs screenplay formats, a screenplay is just as capable of exploring what's going on inside someone's head as a novel. I think it's easier since you are writing in visual terms. The thought process is shown through action, and dialogue.
Maybe you can write the novel Raymond Chandlerish? That'd be interesting. A new vision from the streets of LA.

dit said...

Very interesting post. What an interesting dream, what were you wearing? Did Coco make clothes then? lol

The vacation sounds dreamy! We shall we leave? lol

Bob Dylan said...

Instead of writing a screenplay or a book, why not do a trilogy?

seriously, whatever you do, it will be worthwhile.
and I have to agree with Todd --a screenplay would at the very least be a good project.

Gary said...

Hey there - powerful dream my boy. I would not discount the possibility that it was a message from the Lord. Who can argue that can who can really know for sure. Pay attention. However, it was destined to happen the way it did (the crucifixion) so all of your protests would have been in vain.

Your dream vacation seems simply divine (and I don't mean as in Divine and the Egg Lady). I especially liked the bit about the hardcore action.

Oh, and I am enjoying the Coldplay cd. Thanks.

Palm Springs Savant said...

hey there WAT, can I come join you in Spain? It sounds perfect!

the blog is lookin good lately~

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

In my dream I'm in Spain or France and the Euro exchange rate is in my favor.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

dreams can be simply wonderful...especially when they have us doing things we deeply desire.

happy travels!!