Thursday, July 31, 2008


Y CYRUS! I found some cool earthquake footage on YouTube; the just experienced temblor we had here in Southern California on Tuesday!


Some dude during an interview:
This weather girl stayed cool and calm:
Another newscast in progress, with a silly interruption (not just from the quake):
Judge Judy was taping, and she said F*CK THIS:
A little more of Judge Judy and the reaction of the Big Brother cast:
Orange County meeting gets a scare:
I recently met this very attractive gay couple who have been together for quite some time, and one of the dudes is American, of Italian/Hispanic descent, the other gentleman is from the very sensual erotic country of Brazil! I always write about dying to go to Spain or France, but you can add Portugal or Brazil to that list as well. As a Latino, I can say sexuality is a very important part of our genetic make-up, but I'd dare say that Brazilians ooze it out even more so. They seem to be a very liberal and highly sexual culture. As a native speaker of Spanish and lots of French, I can understand some Portuguese here and there, but I still have a long way to go. It is quite an interesting and beautiful language, one that Brazilians are very protective and proud of. I mean, not only do they have the worldwide dominance of English to face, but even more dominant is Spanish, which surrounds them at every corner in South America. Sadly, Brazil has high poverty/crime/HIV rates, but it would be a fascinating amazing place to visit/discover someday. The men and women are simply beautiful; Afro-Portuguese mix. Of course, all I need is plenty of time and money to go there. DAMN.

The Olympic Games are about to begin next week. I'm kind of excited not just because of the competition itself, but the host country this time around is truly controversial! China of all places?! CHINA! Communist, overpopulated, polluted China!

This my friends, will be very very interesting.


Conclave27 said...

China? How is China contraversal?
Silly puppy. Since 1956 here have been many boycotts of the olmypic games stemming from political reasons.
1916 Olympics: Cancelled due to WWI
Berlin Olympics (1936): Nazi Germany
1940 Olympics: Cancelled due to WWII
1944 Olympics: Cancelled due to WWII
Melbourne Olympics (1956): Netherland, Spain, Switzerland do not show.
Munich Olympics (1972): Palestine murder Isreali team. 22 African countires boycott over rugby issue.
Montreal (1976): China withdrew because of Taiwan controversy.22 African countires boycott over rugby issue.
Moscow (1980): China withdrew because of Taiwan controversy. 65 nations boycotted becuase of Russian Invasion of Afghanastan.
Los Angeles (1984): USSR and eastern block boycott USA held games becuase of 1980 Boycott.
Atlanta Olympics (1996): Bombing.

Yeah so Beijing talk of troubles is just another wash in a long history of Olympic Tradition. Sure Tibet is a conquered territory so what? Sure they backed North Korea. Sure they turned communist.
Sure they are polluting there land and endangering wildlife.
If any one has studied a modern history of China, you know that these poor people have been cheated by the Europeans and the West out of land and many other things.

Yes, China does have some issue with human rights violations. Yet doesn't the USA do the same? We Invaded Iraq and Afghanistan... history shows that the Russians were not liked because of this. The USA has a history of destorying cultures (Attempted Native American Genocide) and violating human rights (illegal aliens). We also pollute the enviroments as well(trash, oil spills, coal). Give China a break they are no worse than we.

I hope that they have a successful Olympic. It's about good sportsmanship. If we could go to Nazi Germany and compete there, China is a haven then.

Bill German said...

like those speedos, i'm too old and haggared for speedos

edward said...

hi Wat! i did it--i posted a video--not as long as yours--mine's only 19 seconds-- but it's of meeee

please give a look and tell me WAT u think.


Lewis said...

I didn't know that JJudy EVER got rattled.

dit said...

Oh man, you are so right. Those Brazilians are beautiful! Like you, I would love to go someday.

My sister and niece are going to the Olympics in China. They are very excited.

Wendiva said...

as a californian...super glad i wasn't there for the earthquake. sounded kinda scary...judge judy got scared!!!

Gavin Elster said...

You did a great job compiling those clips.

Gary said...

Dear Wat,

Sorry I have been MIA on the comment portion of your blog lately but I have been reading and clicking away. You have taken me on some long visits with YouTube - especially with the post on Estelle Getty.

BTW, is that a picture of the 'attractive gay couple?'