Friday, July 25, 2008


My brother is flying in from Georgia tonight! He kinda resembles this dude. Here's hoping he doesn't kill anyone (especially me) during his stay in Southern California.

Tension at the office yesterday on many levels. Two of the white women here have been throwi
ng attitude at each other for weeks now, and one of them has had it and confronted the other one and blah blah BLAH! F*CK! It all happened near my cubicle, but don't get me involved! Secondly, two fairly new employees here were asking my other bud about my sexual orientation. I told him to just tell 'em the truth, "Yes, he f*cks men." There. End of story. It would help if they just came and asked me to be quite honest. Whatever. People always wanting to know where one's genitals go. UGH. Lucky straights that don't have to come out right? Everyone assumes that everybody is naturally straight!

I dunno man. I often get the lame feeling that hetero people never really ACCEPT us, but merely tolerate us just to make things work. TOLERANCE. What a cheap shitty cop-out concept. My mother tolerates me, but does she really ACCEPT me? Not very likely. I hate that feeling. Yeah, most heteros who know I'm gay will still deal with me and shit, but I often get the horrible sense that they don't really get it, nor do they want to. I always feel like an outcast around them to be quite honest. May be just my issues/cynicism/bitterness talking, but that's how I feel. Yeah, that young sweet boy/girl couple out in public holding hands. UGH! IT MAKES ME CRINGE! Worse yet, when they're out pushing a baby carriage!
Ye freakin' breeders making more children to tax our precious resources only helping to bring about global warming at a faster rate! ARGH! I know, I know, I'm a bit heterophobic. I should at least acknowledge that it is due to straight people that gay people exist right? They made us! All of this is too ironic at times.

I'm gonna make sure I have a nice weekend regardless. Sir Paul McCartney played a concert to some 200,000 fans in Québec to cel
ebrate the city's 400th anniversary this past week! WOW! I missed it! Je suis très désolé! Grandpa apparently still has it.


Christopher said...

That's odd that someone in your workplace was questioning your sexual orientation...we've met and you didn't come off as a flaming queen...were you wearing eye shadow at work?....again?

M- Filer said...

Are you sure they aren't just fascinated by us? I assume that to be the case...maybe I am delusional. Maybe? hahahahaha! But it's such a great place to go for a good time DELUSION--Go There!

What is the name of your brothers new Record?

Todd said...

First off, why is it any of their business what you are. It doesn't have anything to do with work, I'm sure. They're rude to even ask. (Unless one of them is totally hot and datable.) Then, yeah, I agree with the whole tolerance thing. Actually, I like being gay around straight people. I play it up like we "know" things straight people don't. It's like there really is this secret gay agenda thing happening that the straights don't get. It makes them a bit more curious and I get to play the mysterious Scorpio some more.

Lewis said...

I swear, white women can be the worst. Cat fighters, they are.