Friday, December 12, 2008


Friday is here!

Flipping through channels yesterday, I ran into an intriguing travel program on PBS called Spain...on the road Again. Really awesome fascinating road trip-style tour of this beautiful European country as the hosts go to distinct regions trying out the cuisine and mingling with the locals. Yeah, someday I shall do this I hope, since Spain is my dream country to visit. My only problem with the show is Gwyneth Paltrow, who just happens to be one of the hosts of the program. Gwyneth is a spoiled rich bitch who's had it all handed to her it seems, and to see her traversing the Spanish countryside awaiting the preparation of Spanish cuisine and dining with the locals can be rather annoying! SHUT UP PALTROW! Even worse is when she starts speaking Spanish; her English has become sort of British now; her Spanish sounds just as pompous and uppity, although I guess I can't blame the brat since I do believe she studied in Spain for a few years. Listen, I'm just jealous of Gwyneth okay? She's an Academy Award-winning American actress living the good life touring España while I'm in the States working a dead-end job! You'd hate Paltrow too ya know!

Here's spoiled Gwynny Goo Goo:

And just
when you thought Britney Spears was a has-been mess, here she comes back roaring into our lives with a new #1 hit album. I don't know how Britney has done it, but there ya go! She sold a massive half million units and change this past week, which is pretty impressive considering how poorly artists sell albums nowadays. What really shocks me most I suppose, is how young Britney still is. I mean, she's only 27, and she's already an established pop "legend" of sorts with so much life still ahead of her. They start so young nowadays! Britney can keep up the dancing and showing off in front of the cameras for years to come, because she is still young and fresh! She won't have to worry about aging for a good while, which is a big advantage in such an image-conscious business!

I know you hate her, but give the little "comeback kid" wench some credit:



Bill German said...

what a freak show

edge said...

OK, sure, she is a freak I love and cannot get enough of! Her new CD is great, many potential hit singles. It is way better than M's Hard Candy.

Hey Bill, Are you my Daddy? Seriously, are we related?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

what a riot, I caught that show on tuesday....same thing happened flipping around and saw the lovely gwyneth (who I actually really like & admire - sorry! although I did get a little tired of her frequent mention of missing her children)

I would like the to see the cookbook, maybe the library has it...I love spanish food - even if I sometimes do find it doesn't have enough zip in it...but that's easy enough to remedy.