Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Fellow citizens,

I'm old. Do you understand the Jonas Brothers craze? I sure as hell don't either, but look at what the kids and teens today are going ballistic over! Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and that huge blockbuster movie Twilight! I'm out of it man! And all these songs that now make the top ten; most of these artists I just can't get into! Rhianna? Chris Brown? T-Pain? WHAT?! And I've lost track of all the reality shows that teens watch too, but thank God I guess for The Soup, where at least I can be a bit informed about what is going on. Pop culture in America is ever-so-mutable, and I never thought I'd be so irritated by most of what is now popular, but I just am. I observe my niece and the music she's into and I find it fascinating. Just the other day I asked her if she liked Madonna, and she said she only liked the song she did with Justin Timberlake. LOLOL! Used to be the kids and teens liked Madonna on her own merits! DAMN! I'm old. Let's face it; I watch PBS, classic films, and other educational crap that I never would have even bothered with in my true earlier youth. Oh well, it happens to us all I suppose, BUT I ALWAYS THOUGHT I'D BE WITH IT! LOL!

Michael Phelps is such an ugly dork. And yet, he is so damn sexy. I don't get it really. He had a cool interview on 60 Minutes this past Sunday and is now making headlines again. For all the success this young man has achieved in his short 23 years on this planet, I'm willing to bet he's probably lame/awkward in bed. LOL! I say this so I don't feel too bad about never having him.

One of my co-workers was in London not too long ago, and brought me back this:

Pretty cool huh?

Christina Aguilera! On fire:


Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I'm with you on the lame kid acts these days. I could even understand it if they were spooky and dangerous, but they are just so white bread.

Michael Phelps's dorkiness is sort of part of his sex appeal. Though that clip of him attempting to dance a la "Risky Business" and showing his absolute lack of rhythm may have confirmed is lack of skills in bed, or perhaps that might add to his appeal. More befuddling was Anderson Cooper claiming he had a great desire to race him in the pool, or could it have been to be stripped down to his trunks with a wet 23-year-old? Not that I'm implying anything about Anderson, mind you. What would Mama Vanderbilt say?

dit said...

It can be a lot of work to still "be with it." Keeping up with trends is a full time job. I am somewhat out of it also, yet, I still love Madonna. lol.

My, what a nice bus you have there! eh. lol

alice said...

Don't talk to me about old, you youngster, you...... lol Mine was supposed to be the coolest generation ever.... but now we're just part of history. All my peers are grey and wrinkled... ewww. Talk about being out of touch.....

Seriously - I found that it helped having kids because I was interested in what they were feeding their brains, so I tried to stay open to their fads and the most recent trends. I found that not everything was horrid - and I could actually appreciate some of the fashion and music. I still have my ancient favorites, but can relate to wanting their own sound.

Don't say that you're old.... just look at it as being wiser and having better taste...

Todd said...

I'm with you. Why do these kids worship that Hannah Montana Cyrus thing? She looks like a hooker that's been used and abused.
At least with the Paris Hilton craze the whore look had a little more class.

Amadeus said...

I showed a friend online how shitty clothing looked back in the 70s. I remember my mother making me a kelly green polyester pant suit when I was 11, very bright, with a RED long sleeved high necked cotton top shirt under. She made this from some Simplicity or Mccalls pattern. Actually made my clothes. So I walk in late with this shit on, and its a catholic school and this is "where your own clothes day" and of course i looked like a fucked up xmas tree uprooted from the forests.

and she wonders why I was purposely made to be shy?? She just doesnt get it. all I ever heard was "oh linda is shy".. yeah because you made me that way by wearing your polyester nightmares! Figure it out lady!!!

But at least if you were really goodlooking, like shawn cassidy, david cassidy etc, you looked hot no matter how many dorky brown outfits you wore. They were the cat's ass man!! I almost feel sorry for the acts of today, because everythings been done and most of what is being now done is rehash from before. Noone can remember it because they don't bother to find out. I have to say that Mylie Cyrus looks like a very young Jane Fonda.. and since Jane fooled around with Shelly Winters, I am not surprised to hear she fools around with girls. Hell, they sound alike! I mean I half expect Mylie to snitch something to a 3rd world, or be "Barberella' by the time she's 18, in the musical of course.

I can't believe how they push her nauseating crap though. She looks so stupid in that heinious wig and big choppers grinning from ear to ear in everything from lunch boxes, stickers, and tonight, I saw her stupid face on a cupcake at Ralph's.

She is really a disgusting human being.

Gary said...

Michael Phelps may be dorky but oh that wingspan!