Wednesday, December 17, 2008


My cold is gone, but there's a nagging leftover cough that comes on strong at times that just won't quit ya know? I wanna just take this cough and kill it! KILL IT! I need to just rest some more, and I think tonight will be good to just take it easy, stay warm, and repose at home. It is colder than usual here in Los Angeles, and we have stormy/rainy weather to go with it, so winter has arrived earlier than normal here. The mountains nearby are covered in snow! EES SO PURTY!

get the feeling that Xmas will be economically tough for most people this year, and I have frankly grown tired of having to go out and buy gifts, so I have decided not to even bother. I don't wanna go to the mall, I don't wanna shop online, and there's really not that much money to spend now is there? I did get into the Xmas spirit by putting up our tree however, so at least I'm not a total Scrooge. As for my niece, I guess I'll get her something, or maybe just give the kid some cash. THERE. Problem solved. Is this bloody holiday over yet? I haven't really cared much for Xmas in years to be honest. It's a bit depressing, expensive, and stressful. As long as good friends and family are okay, that is really the whole point anyway. This overcommercialization of the holiday is ridiculous! And unlike the following picture taken earlier today at work suggests, I'm not a Grinch and I'm not planning to steal the holiday from nobody: Have any of you ever heard of Sufjan Stevens? It's pronounced SOOF-YAWN. He's a unique singer/songwriter from Michigan who happens to be easy on the eyes with the most wonderful erotic boyish voice. A regular Sufjan song first:

And a Sufjan Xmas song:


A Lewis said...

Jack Daniels will take care of that cough. Or tequila.

alice said...

Like you, I am anxious for this holiday to be over. I used to love Christmas, but now it seems the responsibilities of the day outweigh the joy - and that's not the way it should be. I live with Scrooge, Jr., so it's really difficult to get in the spirit of the season. But at least I'm not sick!!! I hope you feel much better, sans cough, very soon!!

Gary said...

I am with it is December 18 and I have only bought 5 Christmas gifts! The whole thing really gets out of hand. I like the philosophy of giving at any time when something is perfect for someone rather than this forced gift giving. It really makes the holidays such a burden. OY!

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Aw, poor baby. Sorry about the cold. How psychic that I just referenced you in my latest post and have been dealing with the same cold/cold and wet weather up her in the northland.

Sufjan Stevens! Oh, where do I begin. I was really obsessed with him 3-4 years ago and still love him. I own every piece of music he has ever recorded, but made a vow a while back to give him a rest. Now you've let him out of the box again. His attempt to write an album about every state in the union is really brilliant. His song from his Illinois album where he takes on the perspective of John Wayne Gacy's victim's is at once spooky and profound. And he is so...uh, yummy. He's also profoundly religious in a very sweet, non-threating way. Just my luck that he's straight. Bleh.

dit said...

so sorry to hear of your cold, that cough is annoying.
I am so with you on the holiday gifts. I would like to go out and have a moment with all those dear instead of yet another MP3 player cozy. So, heres to spending time with loved ones. Have a great Holiday Wat. 8-)