Thursday, September 22, 2005

THE ANYTHING BUT BORING HURRACAYNE SEAZON DOS MIL CINCO. between the lines kids! This from the Associated Press:

Rita Makes Sharp Right Turn. Hurricane May Spare Houston, Galveston Direct Hit....

Rita's course is taking it toward the country's biggest concentration of oil refineries, and closer to New Orleans, which is still devastated by Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans is under a tropical storm warning.

Which means? WHICH MEANS??!! Having to suck off the gas station attendant and swallow his spooge for cheaper gas, because it's going to get ugly again.

Two million people have evacuated, causing massive traffic jams throughout Houston and the surrounding areas! I CANNOT EVEN IMAGINE! Being stuck in traffic some say, for at least 10 hours or so!

Last year Florida got battered, this year, it looks as though the Gulf Coast is getting pounded, and not in a good way! New Orleans is going to get more unneeded rain.

SHEESH! How much more can our fragile beloved li'l country take?!


Bill German said...

Last Nite was Hot! I wish you were there!
1. Jack Daniels & Tecate
2. Guys from craigslist (???)
3. Spooge....everywhere

WAT said...

What about lower gas prices? Any of that last night too?