Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I sat down and watched the Paul McCartney: Live in Red Square DVD tonight, and was once again wowed by the concerts this man manages to put on, even though he's in his early sixties now! The Russians seemed to love it; it must've been a magical night to have been there.

Yeah, the Rolling Stones and Elton John still impress as well, but is there a larger living musical icon alive today than Paul McCartney?

Probably not. Yeah, he was snobbish and conceited when he was younger and in his heyday as one of the major Beatles, but age and experience has mellowed him out, and kept him pretty popular with a legion of fans, young and old. I admire his tenacity, his devotion to his family, his very genuine love for his current spouse Heather, ex-wife Linda (R.I.P.), and overall, his amazing unquestionable talent as a songwriter and performer.

This guy has written some of modern history's greatest pop/rock songs, and I couldn't help but think as I was watching the DVD, how can someone be that incredibly damn talented!? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? McCartney could die tomorrow and be very content with having fulfilled every one of his (or any other human being's for that matter) dreams.

He's only worth about one billion dollars!

Which reminds me, he's coming to Los Angeles in November. If I want to go see him, I gotta shell out
$300 for a really good decent seat.

I do love
The Beatles that's for sure, and I keep hearing I'll only live once.


La Siciliana said...

WAT, you GOTTA do it! I mean, you never know what could happen, this may be the very last time that you'll ever have the chance to see one of your personal favorites...DO IT, man!! I mean sell your body to the night if thats what you have to do to get the $300, but do it!

WAT said...

T'is true my dear, oh so very true.