Friday, September 09, 2005


It's Friday! THANK GOD!

And I am horny! SO HORNY! I haven't shot my wad in about three days, so here I am at work climbing the walls! CLIMBING THE WALLS DAMNIT! GOTTA GET THIS SPOOGE OUT OF MY BALLS!

What I wouldn't give to secretly take one of my cute hunky co-workers and suck him off in the office! Or be willingly raped! Or just pump and destroy a hot stud's butthole to no end! Ladies, if you're reading this, if only you knew what it's like to be a man, full of testosterone, with the undeniable biological and physiological need to rid oneself of the man juice brewing in our testicles! IF ONLY YOU KNEW! Gay men are only worse than straight guys. Our sex drive is through the roof most of the time. COCK COCK COCK! COCK-A-DOODLE DOO!! DOOOO ME NOW!

Sure, women get horny too and want it just as bad, but I don't know or even think it comes close to the urges men feel. We just happen to be more aggressive and obsessed sexually. DUH! It's universally known ain't it?

Jesus, I sound like the
Dawg all of a sudden.


Bill German said...

I will right over with a six pack of tecate and cuervo gold.

WAT said...

YEAH! Love that alcohol to get it going!

Bill German said...


The Dawg said...

Oh My, Oh My.... WAT your are talking my language, this post fuckin got me horny as hell, the picture was awesome. Damn i kinda wanted that three day load of spooge for a sec. Hey i'm just sayin.....You totally brought it with this post!!!!!

Olivier Blanchard said...

3 days? Sweet Jesus!

WAT said...

AHAHAHA! Oh yes Oliver, how can any man live huh?