Monday, September 26, 2005


So this mother, Cindy Sheehan, who has now become synonymous with the anti-Iraq war movement due to the death of her 24 year-old son Casey got arrested for yet another one of her protests.

Mind you, I know the woman is heartbroken and in sorrow no doubt for the rest of her life due to the premature and tragic death of her son, but her anti-war message is starting to get embarrassing! Yes, it is a controversial stance I am taking, but if her son hadn't voluntarily enrolled in the military, then he would not have been shipped out and killed. She was also quoted once as saying that she was on the side of the terrorists and that they were "freedom fighters".

That's where I draw the line. F**K the terroriztz! They're nothing but evil life-taking assholes! It's because of them that we hear the daily horror strories of our soldiers (including Sheehan's son) getting blown up and shredded to bits!

I do not know what it's like to lose a son, and like I said earlier, I do feel for her and her pain. But even her other family members and other mothers who have lost their sons in combat say that Cindy does not speak for all of them, and that her rhetoric is only helping to give the enemy more ammunition to attack our forces.

I too would love to see our boys come home and out of that shithole, but alas, we gotta realistically now finish what has already been undoubtedly started.


Bill German said...

Nicely worded. The middle eastern minds are on fire. I feel something very very bad is going to happen.

WAT said...

God I hope you're wrong Bill, but sadly I think you may be right.

Loren Soth said...

Well I usually play the devil's advocate...but Al-Queda is nothing but a society of crazed individual who have not only wronged the U.S., but dozens of other nations, and has maligned the Korean and Islam by its twisted schemes.

C.S., may be a crazed mother in grief....she may say the wrong things. Yet her message is clear...

The U.S. should not have attacked Iraq. We invaded a country that has nothing to do with the Terrorist Attack.

We have not caught Ossama, and we wont' because it is GOVT cover up.

The real Terrorist are in our White House.

We turned a blind eye...and now N. Korea has nuclear weapons which threaten the West Coast.

Yet I will say this our governemt is in it self a terrorist orginizatio as well. We are not so innocent. We instigate and spy for coporate America.

I fear more of our fellow American will be sacrficed by the President for the sake of money and his families fortune.

Bill German said...

i think it's time to leave los angeles for a cabin in the mountains. far far far from the maddening crowd...