Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I woke up this morning as my television went on, and there he was, that dumbass turkey George Bush Jr. discussing the potential horror of the bird flu, something he himself might be carrying and spread to us!

Seems as though he's got bigger problems now to worry about than
Foghorn Leghorn sporting a killer virus! Can someone please explain to me the continuing spiraling shocking downfall of the Bush Administration and the Republicans in control?! It's mind-blowingly tragic!

Let's see here: 2,000 "official" Iraq war dead, Tom Delay in trouble, Miers out, Libby indicted, poor response to Hurricane Katrina, Rumsfeld grilled for Abu Gharib torture crimes, no sign of the WMD's, and where tha f**k is Osama?! This has made George Bush Jr.'s approval rating sink to a new low; where's your version of Monica Lewinsky to hide under your desk Mr. President? Maybe a sexual scandal'll make your ratings go up! Among other things! Ahem!

I wonder how far this shit'll go? Will there be impeachment? Read more about this in depth at Brad's Brain. He's got a cool wrap-up about how far it could go, with all the scandals literally making the pot boileth over!

I was just discussing this with my co-worker today. If there's one thing that has infuriated me more about this administration and these asshole intolerant Repulicans is how closed-minded and religiously militant they are towards gays, abortion, and free speech. To impose those archaic Judeo/Christian views upon everyone in the land just because Janet Jackson flashed a boob and such is ridiculous! Their attempt to pack the Supreme Court with right-wing bastards is dangerous! They hate gays enough to deny them marriage, even though most of us are already f**cking, living together, and in the military dying in Iraq and other conflicts! And as Howard Stern so intelligently pointed out this morning on the radio, they are so against abortion and want to burden social services by bringing unwanted little suffering children into this cruel world, without of course contributing a dime! It's all so sick really.

And I was so for Bush's fight against terrorism too! I liked the fact that he was willing to go into these parts of the world and kill all these evil dirty 9/11 causing bastards! His approval rating and confidence was so enormous and in his grasp in the days following 9/11.

Just what the hell happened here?! What in God's good name hath gone wrong?!


Bill German said...

It is not all G.W's fault. The recent New Delhi bombs are a good example of how truly evil the world has become. I would hate to get blown to smithereens while kickin back on the red line between noho and univ city. And yes Wat, this might be a quagmire but doin nothing would be worse.

Brad said...

Thanks for the shout, buddy!

Yes, doing nothing would be terrible. We WERE doing something in Afghanistan, then decided to leave without getting the job done. Now it's a bigger terrorist haven than it was on 9/10/01. These "leaders" want us to believe they're helping when it's quite clear they're making the situation worse. There have been more terrorist attacks during the war on terror than during the 3 years before 9/11.

Okay, that's enough out of me. Later.

WAT said...

And yes Bill, like I have said, I am so for Bush's strong anti-terrorism stance, I really am, but do you think maybe he's messed up the original intent here? I'm trying to stay objective here. I'm all for killing these sick terrorist bastards, but all this scandal worries me.

La Siciliana said...

i love how you call him

"that dumb ass turkey..."

Dave The Hat said...

If its any consolation, our Prime Minister loves your President...I think he's the Monica in this case, except not quite so under the table and more public in his support.

I think the whole world has gone pear shaped. We always had terrorism, doh! Its just now, they're movie stars, with the world's media as producer/director/editor/gaffer/costume lady/tea maker. And that's not their fault...I'm making a bold prediction here...

We might just be STUCK with terrorism in some form. Wow. Who would have thought?! And no amount of the T word (thats Tolerance people)is going to counter that. I'd say we're just going through a 'peak'. It's not that I'm not worried about terrorism - far from it - I just think that its a little bigger than one man, no matter how much he fucks up.