Wednesday, August 02, 2006


This is one dude who made history alright. Admired by few, and hated by most, Fidel Castro is either on his last legs or has already bought the farm, though it is being denied.

In power since 1959 folks! Can you imagine?! 47 years as the ruler of Cuba? If that ain't a dictatorship, I dunno what is. The recent "temporary" transfer of power to his brother Raúl is a good indication that Fidel's stomach surgery or whatever tha hell he's going through is very serious. Time to meet your maker Fidelito! You're old and pretty outdated man.

Yeah, you were purty cool in the 1960's. You stood up to
American Imperialism very effectively, you gave some real fiery speeches, and the crowds adored you. The Soviets had your back, and ya almost sent the world into nuclear holocaust back in '62. I mean, Fidel was tha man! A really powerful figure who will forever be remembered by his military green outfit, that hat, and of course, the beard!

Now look at him. Completely irrelevant, worn out, and delusional. Many of the Miami/Florida Cubans have been
dancing on the streets hoping for any news of Fidel kicking the bucket, and I can understand why they hate him so much and feel their island nation was robbed of its capitalistic potential under the old tyrannical rule of communism. But I find it kinda silly really. More so, if it's a U.S. born 20 year-old of Cuban descent who probably doesn't know shit about Fidel or Havana and was only taught to hate the dude just because it's the cool
thing to do.

Even Al Pacino dealt with Fidel! Well, only in the movies really; Godfather Pt. II and Scarface. If ya remember and know what I'm talking about.

My Cuban co-worker thinks he's not dead, and regardless says nothing will change. But Fidel's brother is really old too. How much time hath he got? Something's gotta give.

This will be interesting indeed to see unfold. I gotta say, 2006 started off rather boring in terms of world headlines, but it has now become quite the year


Mikey said...

I agree with you bro. So is the Us going to open trade back up after we know the truth about Castor

G-Man said...

What I want to know is will the world see the end of 2006?

Mario said...

I hate saying I'd be happy for the death of a man, but if this is somehow the catalyst for economic development for a crountry that needs it and deserves it, well... But who knows, maybe even if he dies nothing will change.