Friday, August 11, 2006


I used to like flying actually. Back in the mid 90's that is. Then that little piece of shit anxiety struck me, and the thought of being in a plane confined with all those others on board made me cringe.

September 11 didn't help, but miraculously I was able to fly out to New Orleans and back two years in a row just before Hurricane Katrina. Now look at the latest scare. Security now is extra extra tight, thanks to the
airliner bomb plot that was uncovered by the Brits and has made headlines the world over. Flying now seems like a real annoying chore. wonders and scratches my head. I do hate to be cynical, but...

Important election coming up in November, I wonder if this isn't all a way to get Bush and crew some much needed support for their failure in Iraq. After all,
this is a fantastic way to scare the masses, instill fear once again, and get the public convinced of the great job being done by our administration to stop these Islamic heathens from shredding us to bloody bits.

So kids: no mouthwash, toothpaste, lipstick, lube, hair gel, hairspray, box cutters, sharp scissors, bottled water, iPod, and many
other things we could conveniently take on board before, will be allowed onto the plane. Makes for a really inconvenient and frustrating trip. These are the sick and atrocious times we live in. The "Islamic Fascists" are hungry to kill themselves and others in the process. They just don't care now do they? This is really pissing people off, including our beloved Sandra Bernhardt! HAHA!

It still boggles my mind that I could still be this young and witness
this madness that our world has become.

If I have to get on a plane again, Imma take me a good strong sleeping pill or a couple of drinks and say good night. Wake me up when the plane lands.

That is, if I don't get blown up in midair.



Ego's Alter said...

I can't imagine flying WITHOUT my iPod. That's the only thing that's made it somewhat not hell. Our homeland security is a joke. Call me 100% skeptical about this.

G-Man said...

I agree with ego....What a joke this has all become. I think this is totally about getting election results. GW has run such a crooked administration, nothing, even a terrorist attack won't be questioned and doubted by more of us than ever.

God bless america.

Marko said...

I love Sandra!
Yeah I flew right after 9/11 and it was pretty much a nightmare, but probably the safest time to fly. I remember the last flight I took to Seattle and this older woman was talking to me about how she was for Bush and who I was going to vote for...uggh I answered well, theres alot of issues this year as I put my haedphones on trying to give her a hint, lol!

Todd said...

As is usual, it's our own government that's the biggest terrorist. I'm so glad I'm not flying any time soon.

La Siciliana said...

New to the list of things you can't bring on the plane...mascara & a baby teething ring...I mean shit, I thought this was America. Everytime our government takes away our civil liberties, something is wrong reaching further than Islam...this administration is the scariest terrorist cell...

Anonymous said...

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No One of Note said...

gee...Shrub and his white house cronies cooking up a plan to scare us right before elections????

say it aint so!!

Why anyone (and I do mean ANYONE) could vote for that lying, word mangling drunken smacktard is simply beyond me. Unlike bush, I actually have and use a brain stem.

P.S. Where the HELL is Osama?????