Monday, August 07, 2006


Oliver Stone's new film comes out this week and is getting decent reviews as a wonderful tribute to the heroes of that shocking day.

However, do you believe the official 9/11 story?

Ya know, the official version being that four planes were hijacked, two were crashed into the World Trade Center which collapsed from the burning jet fuel, while one went into the Pentagon, and the other into a field in Pennsylvania. I guess most Americans did believe the official story for a good few weeks after the horrific event, but nearly five years on, a vast amount of people out there believe there is a
conspiracy at work here, if not several.

I myself have some doubts mind you. How were they able to hijack four freakin' planes so seemingly easily as they did? With box cutters?! I dunno man. I guess anything's possible and Americans were truly naive of the possible evil from extremist Muslims, but it bugs me to no end that not one, but FOUR FREAKIN' PLANES were so effectively taken over that morning. Second, where tha hell was the Air Force to shoot those suckers down? I can tolerate the first plane that went into the WTC, but the second one was given fifteen more minutes or so to find its target and go into the South Tower to the horror of millions watching on TV. HOW?!

Even more questions arise with the final two hijacked aircraft. So many feel the Pentagon story is loaded with holes. Was it truly a plane? Why has the footage from cameras on the ground been so bad? Could it have been a missile? And the final plane that crashed into that field arouses even more suspicion. Did those people on board really take the hijackers down or was that plane shot down? Why did the plane disintegrate upon impact and leave hardly, if any wreckage?

Then there's people who question the WTC collapse itself. Many feel it was a controlled demolition, and that explosives were placed in the building prior, then detonated to bring the buildings down. The list of anomalies and possible conspiracy theories are endless: the government knew and let it happen, Bush was way too comfortable at that school, and it was all a pretext to go to war in the Middle East.

We know what we saw. We saw those two planes hit the WTC for sure, the towers burning, people tragically jumping to their deaths, and thousands killed as the towers came down. This we cannot dispute. They are images that will forever haunt us till the day we die.

But so many questions remain unanswered for so many, including me to be honest. We will never forget the 3,000 or so victims of this monumental tragedy which has forever changed our lives and that of the world entire.

Some out there buy the official story, many others do not.

Just what really happened?

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Todd said...

I won't get into the Oliver Stone thing...I hate the man. Yes, there are too many unanswered questions about that day and it seems like everyone has already forgotten it happened.

Mikey said...

The only conspiricy theory I have about the world trade center is, that the government knew way ahead of time it was coming and did nothing about warning the American public. As for the Stone movie I won't be seeing it like the movie about the plane that went down in Pennsylvania.

As for 43 and him being at the school. I agree with you he was way too calm.

Marko said...

I remember that horrible day like it was yesterday and nothing has been the same since. Its hard to know what to believe anymore.
The movie looks good even though Im not a big fan of Nicholas Cage.

Loweded Wookie said...

You missed the biggest two conspiracies.

Firstly why did the buildings fall the way they did? Two planes hitting the buildings where they did could not have caused the buildings to fall like they did. They fell down in a controlled fashioned, exactly the same way a building being demolished falls.

Secondly where is the evidence of the plane that hit the Pentagon? There is non. In fact video of the attack reveals something even worse, like a missle.

Anything to get the people's backing for wars in the Middle East.

But why does America take so long to get over it? When the Bali bombings happened New Zealanders and Australians where back there the next week. We didn't moan about it, we sent our troops in to keep the peace, tidied the place up and go on with our lives. We caught the guy a couple of weeks later as well.

Not trying to attack anyone with that comment. It's just amazing how different cultures look at things.

Bill German said...

biblical indeed

G-Man said...

I'm no fan Oliver Stone (or Nick Cage), but I'm very drawn to this movie for some reason. I saw the United 93 movie and cried the entire time -- but I was happy to see it. I think in a lot of ways, I'm drawn to these movies for healing purposes.

As for the conspiracy theories? Well, under this administration, I'd put nothing behind him. I hope the Bush's burn in hell for all the lives sacrificed for oil.

Loren Soth said...

I am appaled and ashamed at the total lack of respect for the lives lost in this great tragedy. Why would our great nation, the U.S of America, do that to its own people. We live in a country of prosperity, one that values life, and a moral christian dignity to all peoples.

I admit there have been some mistakes and questionable situations. Yet folks, we have to trust our fairly and duly appointed leader, President Bush for ill or good. After all he would not jeopardize the lives of his fellow Americans for money or oil. oh my.... I almost lost it. 9/11 was not a terrorist attack folks, it was a controlled attack approved by our current Administration to put restrictions on our freedoms and make way for the new version of democracy.

We need to stand and overthrow our goverment and re-establish order!!!!
Long live the Confederacy!!!!!!!!

ewing2001 said...

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wifey said...

I'm not saying that there were no conspiracies in the whole situation... but there were hundreds of people on the ground that saw planes. I think if the government is trying to cover up anything it is how they handled it--what they knew beforehand and the wrong decisions they may have made on that day.