Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I gotta agree with Scotty on this one: why all the attention all of a sudden on this nasty frightening creep that has been dominating media outlets non-stop all weekend?! What are we being distracted from?! Just posting his pic alone gives me the heebie-jeebies, but there he is, staring at the world looking like some sick gangly alien of some sort. EEK! That crazy radio guy Michael Savage today called him The Pervert on the Plane and I just hollered out laughing!

Now there's fucking doubts as to whether his confession is real or not, and that all this hype over finally having found JonBenet's real killer is nothing but bologna! My God, the news coverage on this has been ridiculous, to the point of even covering his arrival at LAX last night! You'd think Jesus or The Beatles were aboard that God damned plane the way they were carrying on about the landing!!! A case that has been unresolved for ten years, Patsy Ramsey dies of cancer just this past year, and now this shit.

No killer caught yet in Chandra Levy's case yet huh? Remember her? It was the big freakin' story all summer long of 2001, and Gary Condit was in hot water for his affair with her and what he possibly had to do with her murder and crap, and then came the WTC/Pentagon Disaster of Our Lifetimes Day and there went that story, until a bit later when they found her bones amidst the squirrels at some park, yet still no main suspect in that case. Hmmm...

And speaking of unresolved, can someone please tell me whatever happened with the Anthrax Attacks and those letters that were mailed out back in 2001? REMEMBER THAT?! Just a week after 9/11, and those laced letters were showing up in the Senate and crap & infected quite a few people with that deadly powder, and killed some five people! WHO THE HELL DID THIS??!! DID THEY EVER FIND OUT WHO??!! My co-worker says she read somewhere one of the 9/11 hijackers (Mohammed Atta) had set this anthrax attack up in Dearborn, MI before executing his most dastardly attack that 9/11 morning. Whoever it was, they got away with it, and scared us all from our regular mail for quite a while.

Man oh man. There's some real sick evil twisted people in this world. And sometimes, they get away with it (a la Jack the Ripper) and we're left scratching our heads.

Which is most disturbing indeed.


Mikey said...

Keep blogging bro. Your dead on!!

Todd said...

Even if it's not a big story, the press loves to make us think it is.

ScottyFerguson said...

Its like a sideshow carnival where a pickpocket works the crowd as the onlookers are dazzled by the bearded lady. I feel this story is not newsworthy. I feel this somehow has been orchestrated to deflect attention from a serious matter. News media is nothing but a tool for the government. (wow I sound paranoid!)
I feel the truck accident the other day was more interesting than this. A guy in a semi tried to side swipe a bus full o kids and then he took off while the police persued him and his load of rasins. He was caught after turning the truck over its side in a residential hood. He said the CIA told him not to stop for the police. NOW WHY DIDNT ANYONE TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY? is it because he said CIA and the instinct is to cover it up? His story is just as valid as this Karr fella. What about the body found in eaglerock? Some poor soul was murdered and then dragged thru the streets only to be dumped nude adjacent to Colorodo blvd. Thats a NEW murder! Why doesnt that RATE with the media? Its a dog pound mentality. Only the cute ones get attention. Ugly people die horrible deaths but... your shit outta luck if you want anyone to pay attention.
Its late. I'm goin ta bed.

Marko said...

I agree with you guys, WTF?
I cant post a pic of him on my blog, its way too creepy. He just looks like a creep.
It IS a sideshow...the modern day kind.

G-Man said...

I've been wondering about these diversions myself lately, esp the Anthrax scare. After watching V for Vendetta, it really makes you wonder how much the media is taking part in manipulating us.

I have to say, initially, this story really captured my interest. I don't watch a lot of tv, but have been housesitting at my parents, where there;s not much else to do. Last night just about every program on the cable news channels was about Jon Bonnet. I was quite interested until on Nancy Grace (she is a evil whore who must die) they mentioned that that dude couldn't have raped the little girl, cuz her heimen was still intact. WHAT? Why the fuck is this detail public knowledge. At what point, is enough enough? I turned the TV off and decided that, you know what, I'm done. It's time to really find out what's going on in the world vs. an isolated high profile case.

Viva la resitance!!!

Mario said...

that pic of jake and heather is cute. I didn't know about this guy you mentioned, nut it sounds real creepy...