Friday, April 27, 2007


I have thought long and hard (anotha sexual pun) about whom I consider to be just creepy and somewhat repulsive in the entertainment world. So here they are, the ones that just give me the heebie jeebies! In no particular order:

1) Jamie Kennedy - I guess he's funny from time to time, but this guy's sanity is very questionable. Bizarre. Looks a bit mentally ill. And his movies just plain suck.

2) Owen Wilson - Is it the odd tan? Those strange lips? I dunno, but Owen is just weird. Sorry Owen, but your brother Luke is so much better looking and doesn't make me uneasy like you do.

3) Katie Holmes- Apart from being a pretty bad actress, Holmes married psycho Scientologist fag Tom Cruise and reproduced with him! WOWSERS MAN! I hated her in Dawson's Creek and still find her a bona fide creep. At least she's consistent!

4) Hugh Grant- He's just irritating. The romantic comedies are annoying and so are Grant's retarded facial expressions. He seems dumbfounded most of the time. Please go back to Britannia bloke--loves getting blown by hardcore hooka sistas in Hollywood so I guess he'll keep coming back from time to time.

5) Björk - Too much ice and snow over there in that homeland of hers has left this chick seriously warped. I have liked some of her songs from time to time, but she is out there. And I can hardly ever understand what she's singing about; her English is quite broken.

6) Star Jones - Remember her from The View? EW! No wonder Barbara Walters got rid of her! Fat bloated nasty ass lawyer woman that married some gay dude. She's lost lots o'weight, but continues to look and sound ghastly.

7) Paris Hilton - Stop smirking u creepy robot! I cannot for the life of me understand how such a spoiled dumbass loser bitch like this can walk the face of the Earth. She's dumb, stupid, vapid, not cute at all, and quite boring in bed. I saw her retarded sex tape. I give better head than she does. And she's the only one on my list that's had everything handed to her. At least the other creeps worked for their shit.

8) Rose McGowan - Words cannot describe this filthy white trashy slut. YUCK! She is a beast for the eyes. And she dated Marilyn Manson, that alien extraterrestrial Satanist at one time! Cue the Twilight Zone music please.

9) Marilyn Manson - Read above.

10) Michael Jackson - A no-brainer. It truly sucks though, because I loved Michael back in the 80s. He was one of my childhood musical idols. Truly. A genius entertainer superstar that stands as one of music's greatest all-time icons along with Elvis, The Beatles, Madonna, Elton John and Prince. What the hell happened? WHAT HAPPENED JACKO? ARGH!

Alas, they're rich and famous and could give a hoot about what I think.

But dey still creepy.


Gavin Elster said...

Hmm. I just may have to do a post just like this.

You trend setting bastard you!

Todd said...

What??? You think Bjork is creepy?? How can that be?? I love Bjork. And I love Marilyn Manson. Look at who he's married to now.

Junk Thief said...

Wow, only 10? This list could be endless. Bjork and Marilyn Manson are weird by choice, so it's part of their schtick. I'd be afraid to start my own list for fear of crashing the server.

Scot said...

SO much to comment on....I guess this is one of my "guest posts"? But then I always do this in comments...

1) just funny looking
2) It's the nose- and it makes it look like he's squinting
3) I hear she's looking back into Catholisism
4) Hugh has his redeming qualities. Liked him in "About a Boy" Not saying I'd be the next hooker on Hollywood Blvd, but not saying I wouldn't either
5)You gotta love a girl who wears a stuffed animal to an awards show.
6)no comment.
7)If she needed the money, she'd make a good publicist. All her whore cronies have gotten huge press by following her example: Britney, Lindsay to name a couple
8)why does she look like she kissed a pool drain? I'll take Shannon Dowerty over her any day, even if she is a mega-bitch
9)He owes his fame to being a freak, but he's quite well spoken. There was a great "Grahm Norton Affect" with im on it. Fun.
10) Duh! (BTW, there's a great "Thriller in Lego" video on youtube. It's like 13 minuted long )

Krazee Eyez Killa said...


I gots to disagree wit you on Jaime Kennedy and Rose McGowan. Rose is supafly to me.


Krazee Eyez Killa

Christopher said...

Did you happen to catch Bjork on Saturday Night Live last weekend?...what a freak show!...I like most of her music, but this shit was just stupid!...something about "we are Earth Invaders"...

Emma said...

now i'm scared. i've been working on a post similar to this for three days! so when i post it, i hope you don't think i'm copying you.
bjork is kind of horrifying. remember when she beat up that random woman at the airport?

Bill German said...

i think jamie kennedy is hot

Sir Jorge said...

After reading the Marilyn Manson autobiography, I do not feel that he's weird. Just misunderstood in a lot of ways.

Crazy Eddie said...

I agree with most on your list. I'm not going to sit here and make fun of your choices because I think Kermit the frog is fucking CREEPY.

As for Bjork, I do love her dearly, so now I just might have to track you down, grab your from behind, bite the back of your neck (nicely of course) and stick my penis between your ass cheeks... back and forth... until you scratch her from your list.


Sebastien said...

I'm not really familiar with Rose McGowan, just seen her in Grindhouse and loved her in that... Marilyn Manson does have good taste in women, currently married to Dita von Tease, oh, how I love her!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't know how you can mention Owen Wilson without also mentioning his zigzag nose. We need more Luke and less Owen.

I also loved Rose McGowan in Grindhouse. I didn't really ever pay much attention to her before, mostly because of the Marily Manson thing, too... because, ew.

alexgirl said...

Um, FYI: you're brilliant and your list kicks ass! Esp Wacko & Jamie Kennedy (thank you for singling him out, because he really is weird.)

...Okay, fine, I admit it: I used to love Dawson's Creek and think Katie Holmes was completely adorable. But I've since seen the error of my ways. I hope I can be forgiven!!