Wednesday, April 04, 2007


That blue-eyed stud Sebastien has tagged me so I must comply, and plus it is a fun topic. So here we goes:


1) Sex - Yeah, let's just say this isn't too shocking. Porn is way too cool. Getting laid is even cooler. Add to this me being a red-blooded young semi-attractive American gay male with hardcore intense testosterone genes from men in my family bloodline and you've got a potent, almost dangerous desire to screw, plow, and bang just about anyone that looks even halfway decent.

2) The Beatles - Just as soon as I think I've had it up to here with their overplayed music, I get these terrible withdrawal symptoms when I go without them for more than a day or two. There never was nor ever will be a band so amazing, geniuses so talented, and music so glorious as to send shivers down the spine. Yes, overplayed songs like Let It Be and I Want To Hold Your Hand are all fine and dandy, but it's the obscure shit like I've Got A Feeling, Happiness Is A Warm Gun, And Your Bird Can Sing, No Reply, and I'm Looking Through You that reminds me of just how truly earth-shattering these four British men truly were and still are thanks to the magic of eternal recorded sound.

3) The Internet - I dunno how I even lived before one of humankind's greatest inventions of all time. It's all here: news, porn, blogs, MySpace, Netflix, downloadable music, instant messaging, more porn, shopping, even more porn, and more and more porn! Somehow I get all my other responsibilities taken care of, despite the enormous amount of time spent in front of the computer. Oh yeah, I forgot I gave up watching too much TV like I once used to. Now I gets it!

4) Howard Stern - So many people do not understand Howard's sense of humor. It's twisted, vile, disgusting, nasty, gross, vulgar, sexist, racist, homophobic--you name it. And yet, it is some of the funniest damn radio I have ever listened to. No, it is the funniest radio period, an amazingly charged satire and jab at American pop culture, where everyone and anyone is made fun of just for the sake of being able to laugh at ourselves. I've been a fan for about 12 years now and followed him right into satellite radio. How could I get through the miserableness of having to get up in the morning without Stern and crew? If ya wanna be informed on all topics, this is one complete radio show. The best ever by a most tolerant and quite kind-hearted big-nosed issue-ridden Jewish man. Yeah, can you believe it? Howard a kind-hearted man? Yep.

5) Death - Yes. There is a non-stop fascination I have with this--the most obviously morbid of all topics! And yet, it makes me appreciate life even more, as odd as that sounds. For though I know not when my time will be up in this dimension, I try and enjoy every precious little pleasurable hedonistic moment I have as if it were my last. Alas, when the Reaper comes for me, I wanna be able to look him straight in the face and say, "Ya know what, it sucks you have come for me, but I am tired anyway and it is time to go, but alas, I did enjoy this f*cking body I got to live in and all the experiences and people I loved and loved me in return were all well bloody worth it. Time to take that final crap in my pants now. ¡Hasta luego!"

The end.


Emma said...

fuck it, i might as well go ahead and say that the beatles are the greatest musical group of all time.
i LOVE "i'm looking through you". it's my favorite, besides "hey jude" "got to get you into my life" and "i wish i could shimmy like my sister kate".

Scot said...

"It's twisted, vile, disgusting, nasty, gross, vulgar, sexist, racist, homophobic--you name a most tolerant and quite kind-hearted big-nosed issue-ridden Jewish man" I think this should be Stern's new press release. HA.

Sebastien said...

Thanks for playing along!

That is an awesome list by the way, love how you start off with sex. Damnit, I realize I put literature on my list and didn't include sex. I'm an idiot. I LOVE sex!!!

As for the rest, all great choices. I really enjoy Stern too, although I don't hear his shows live, wish I did, wonder if there is a way to hear him on the internet.

laurenbove said...

HeyWAT: Fascinating list indeed. I would have to agree wholeheartedly with everything...maybe switch up SouthPark for Stern, tho. I can't believe the sh*T they get away with satiring.

I like how you've juxtaposed sex and death. I'm going to have to have a think on that some more. I think I'll do it in black and white. It'll be more Fellini-esque.

Felice said...


Bill German said...

door #1 and #3

M- Filer said...

Your Hot. Your list makes everything else seem pedestrian. Your Hot.

Christopher said...

Dang...#1 got me all hot & I'm all swollen (down there)...I can totally picture you getting your swerve on!

...Plow On, Boy!

molly said...

yes i love the white stripes! i borrow their newest cd from the library and taped it. because im just that cheap..
though lets not bother with a huge fancy wedding...lets just elope!