Monday, April 02, 2007


Since the early 90s, I have been a very big fan of Miguel Bosé. Ya never heard of him I know, but he is a fantastic musical artist and sings in many languages, but mostly in his native Spanish. His albums have never disappointed me, except the last two or so he came out with, which were purty mediocre, compared to the great music I am accustomed to him putting out most of the time.

He was born in Panama of all places to an Italian actress mother and a Spanish bullfighter father, but most definitely raised in Spain, for he speaks with that very Castilian accent. He started out in the 1970s and was always controversial due to his very flamboyant mannerisms and feminine style of dress. Yeah, Miguel was always kind of a queen really, and seems to have become more manly as he grew older. He's in his late forties or early fifties I believe. Anyway, he has always been one of my personal favorites--sort of a cross between David Bowie, Sting, and Morrissey. Yeah, his music/voice is just plain good; awesome contemporary music in Spanish.

This video was banned in certain Spanish-speaking countries for showing erotic love between same-sex couples. Beautiful song:

Other clips:

Yeah, that should be enough. HAHA.

I just think he's awesome.


Mario said...

I really like the records he made with Ana Torroja (from Mecano).

He is a fine (even if sporadic) actor. He stars as a drag queen and cop in my favorite Almodovar film, "high heels" (tacones lejanos).

Gavin Elster said...

I cant watch the videos. If it deals with same sex couples the videos are against god. (a republican told me that)

Bill German said...

beautiful b&w images in the video

laurenbove said...

muy hermoso!

Emma said...

ahhh, silence of the lambs. one of the alltime best scary movies.
today at work i spent like 3 hours thumbing through a copy of "hannibal rising."
did you see that movie? was it any good?

Junk Thief said...

Miguel is the best. He tried to cross over to the U.S. audience with a 1987 English version of his album XXX. I hope he doesn't attempt English again. I much prefer him in Spanish or possibly Italian and French.

My recent tribute to him is over here: