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Brian Epstein managed a record store for his father, but truly found his calling when he first saw The Beatles perform at the dark underground Cavern Club in Liverpool, England back in the very early 1960s.

He was captivated by them immediately. Originally, The Beatles were very trashy-looking. They wore leather jackets, had real messy hair, and they would eat, smoke, drink, and cuss on stage while performing at the small club for their hardcore original fans. Epstein in particular was enthralled by a certain rebel on stage known as John Lennon. In fact, it is said that is was upon first viewing them that Epstein fell in love with Lennon; he was very impressed with John's witty badboy demeanor. He arranged to meet them and was able to convince them that he should be their manager/agent from then on. Epstein was very intelligent and knew his finances, which is something the boys needed as their fame and success was just about to explode across the world; the Fab Four knew nothing of business affairs, for their talent lay of course in making music, and Brian was going to be essential.

Epstein convinced The Beatles that they would have to change their rebellious image and that they should go for a more cleancut polished look by wearing dress shirts and ties. At first they were against this, but in order to get a recording contract, they agreed. Epstein arranged a meeting with a Decca Records executive who turned The Beatles down claiming that their sound would not sell. Eventually destiny intervened; Epstein and The Beatles met George Martin and they found the man who would become their brilliant producer. Alas, the rest is glorious music history.---------
However, an interesting part of this story is that Brian Epstein was a homosexual. A poof! A homo! A fag ladies and gentlemen! And a JEW! AHAHAHAHAH! Rumor has it that Lennon was particularly nasty and quite an ass to Brian the first few years and would constantly mock, say some real mean things to him and really put the poor guy down for being gay. Lennon was well aware of Brian's crush on him and would use it against Epstein to tease the hell out of him. Could it be this certain Beatles song is actually insulting Epstein at one point? There's also a huge rumor that Epstein and Lennon did spend lots of time alone and some have even gone far as to suggest that maybe those two got into it real deep with Lennon even experimenting sexually with him. Who really knows?! Fascinating stuff indeed though.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Brian Epstein guided the band successfully from the very beginning until his sudden tragic death of an accidental drug overdose at the tender age of 32 in 1967.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Todd said...

Indeed fascinating. Maybe something worth a possible movie.

Preciosa said...

You have schooled me once again.

Gavin Elster said...

It is hard to believe that he was only 32 when he took his own life.

laurenbove said...

Wow, I never knew. You are an excellent writer. The subject was interesting but the way it was written was very compelling in itself.

M- Filer said...

Until you mentioned the part about John Lennon possible getting it on with Epstein, I was going to suggest Lennon was a big fat a-hole. To torture him that way is an emotional hate crime ( I made that term up btw), but....if he ended up doing him, then well,... that's hot.

Zhu said...

I just can't imagine the Beatles trashy-looking !

Emma said...

Anybody who managed the Beatles is amazing in my book.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article on my past life as Brian Epstein.. how I have grown by shedding that hormonally discharging self lubing wonderworm of mine. My god I see my penis every time Harry Potter waves that infernal wand hither and thither.. I've always wanted to kick the dick of the one I had lusted for so long.. maybe pain is good.. no pain, no gain.. and all that rot.. he made me cry..

Noone makes me cry. Mother always said, If I cry, make sure that you bury them where noone will find them............. muhahahaaa

molly said...

ahh someone else has read "helter skelter"?
it scares the shit out of me but im so fascinated i cant resist

i think there was a movie based on what might have happened between brian and lennon, names changed and all of course

Junk Thief said...

The 1991 movie "The Hours and Time" focused on the Lennon/Epstein story. Not great, but decent. Through a real fluke, I met George Martin's son Greg while in New York this week. Nice guy, and I learned who he was after we met.

Crazy Eddie said...

I honestly feel that whatever knowledge I may have regarding THE BEATLES... I've learned from you. You're like the one man's guide to everything Liverpool... lol. I love it.

Had no idea about this dude. I'm officially schooled.

Miss you pa. How about a hot romp in the hay. You would love it.


Wolfie said...

I wanted to add an addendum, I FINALLY remembered my password only when it was mailed back to me, damn its SO hard to get into her.

as I channeled myself from my massive life of faggotry in bonny ol' England, I discovered that Lennon allowed me to give him a hand job, which I, sadly, found very exciting, he was high.. of course.

Im sure he didnt mistake me for Yoko with my manly man ham hands though.. no oral happened..

Oh well!

Anonymous said...

M-Filer: Hot!? I think the word you meant to write was "gross"