Wednesday, June 20, 2007


A programming note for all ye kiddies who love film as much as I do! CBS is airing AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies tonight Wednesday starting at 8p.m. They chose the 100 greatest movies ten years ago, but apparently have updated the list a decade later to include some new choices or something to that effect.

And now my friends, I give you clips of some my favorite movies ever. Enjoy:


Todd said...

Seems to be a little too much Speilberg here. (I can't stand the man's movies.)

Pod said...

taste maaaate!
hope you get to fly soon

Crazy Eddie said...

Gods and Monsters... excellent movie indeed. I lurved the fact that you chose that particular scene.

Nice choices pa...


Gavin Elster said...

Im with ya all the way with one exception.
I never saw American Beauty. All the rest of the films are on my list.

I guess I should grit my teeth and watch that damn Spacey movie. He is the reason I have not seen that film.

M- Filer said...

all classics and good choices-- but no Woody? Woody Allen is my favorite film maker....I love everything he has done even the bad stuff.

I think I need to see "Gods and Monsters" after seeing thaat trailer. Looks good.

alexgirl said...

damn, i missed the AFI thing last night. I guess I can look it up online, huh?
Good movie choices. Jaws is so classic. And I haven't seen Gods & Monsters in a long time, but I loved it. I think American Beauty was good, but I'm over that whole "plastic bag" thing. It makes me laugh.

molly said...

i cant watch youtube right now dammmmmn

but judging from other peoples comments you have american beauty on there and i ADORE THAT FILM.
it actually makes you FEEL something