Thursday, June 28, 2007


I'm so bloody tired. UGH. I gotta muster enough energy to make it to work two more facking days. Oh yeah, and ta make it to the gym at least one more time this week. Why should I complain, right? I'm sure my life ain't as hard as someone else's out there, but it sure feels tiring--exhausting even at times.

Paul McCartney had a free special little concert last night Wednesday here in Hollywood at Amoeba Records for some 300 loyal fans waiting outside the place now for days! Shoot man, I love me the former Beatle lots and lots, but I dunno about that camping out and waiting out there just ta see him. I'm sure it was an amazing intimate moment for dem rabid fans. I caught him on Larry King Live Tuesday night, (which will be rerun in case ya missed it) and he was so fascinating to watch along with Ringo Starr; the only two living Beatles man! MY GOD! Larry King is a crappy interviewer, but still managed ta say some truths: "Do ya ever pinch yerselves? I mean, u guys changed the world." McCartney and Starr were pretty cool. Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison were on too, which only reinforced how much I'd like to have dinner with Olivia and throw the scraps at Yoko afterwards. McCartney did his best though to be nice to Yokey, and they seemed to be warm towards each other I suppose.

Speaking of Larry King, he also spoke ta Paris Hilton Wednesday night, and she's a purty girl and all but still as boring as ever. I suppose jail has mellowed her out and made her aware of just how fortunate she is and turned her all of sudden into a blonde white rich wannabe Mother Teresa and shit, but she'll prolly go back to her usual partying ways soon enough. I guess I should give her the benefit of the doubt, but ya just never know with PAREE DO YA?!
I'm in tha mood for Tostitos now.


Gavin Elster said...

Larry King is a pussy.

Todd said...

I believe there is a statue of Larry King in the British Museum that was taken from the Acropolis. Of course, the statue doesn't have suspenders.

It'll only be a matter of months before new shots of Paris's twat is all over the internet again.

Pod said...

take it easy watto! put those big ole feet up hey?!

Bill German said...

ahh the gym, i love the gym, btw the weho gym is back, the guys are doin it. i remember you post about your gym manager(what bullshit is that)

Brad said...

Paris Hilton did have something intelligent to say last week, wondering why in the hell everyone was so interested in her jail time when there's a lot more important things out there like the war. I give her credit for that.

Junk Thief said...

I won't be waiting in line for Sir Paul OR my iPhone.

Sadly, I must admit to seeing most of Larry King's interview with Paris. She didn't sound as stupid as people imply, just bland and uninspiring. She contends that she's just a normal girl. And in some ways, she's right. Actually most "normal" girls have a bit more personality and interesting lives. Paris is just a very average looking, extremely wealthy, high glossed shell. My only pleasure was that King bumped Michael Moore for her interview. She is more interesting and intelligent than that self-absorbed blow hard!

Junk Thief said...

Oh, P.S. on Larry King. Did you see his interview last week with Kathy Griffin when she tried to bring him up to speed on gay issues? Ninety-five percent of what she said went over his head, but it was a riot to see her have fun with him.

Gary said...

I have shopped at Ameoba records on some past treks to LA and understand it is quite the attraction. Wonder if I passed you by while searching under "R" (for Ronstadt of course).
Get some rest.