Wednesday, June 13, 2007


So there's some six billion people alive on this planet right now correct?

And ya know what trips me out? THAT MOST OF THOSE PEOPLE WILL ALL BE DEAD IN 100 YEARS! OMG! That is such an amazing concept! SIX BILLION SOULS! ALL DEAD IN THE SPAN OF A CENTURY! Even the ones born now will prolly not reach the century mark, unless science comes up with some extraordinary life extension techniques. What will they do with all those people--the corpses? They can't all be buried right? Is there even enough room? I guess most of us will be cremated and thrown into the sea or set aside in some little urn somewhere. My God! There's just so many people! "SOYLENT GREEN IS REALLY PEOPLE!" OOPS! Sorry, had to have my overly dramatic Charlton Heston moment there.

And all these people alive right now are breathing, shitting, and consuming. Do we even have enough resources for all this humanity I ask? Ain't oil supposed to run out and then here comes water shortages and global warming and the poor little animals are becoming extinct thanks to human encroachment and shit? I dunno man. We need a good tsunami or some major disaster or disease to begin some serious population control. Hopefully I won't be one of the victims eliminated, but so be it! LOLOL! I've decided up to this point not to reproduce or breed really. I find life wonderful, but so full of heartache that it scares me to have to bring yet another humanoid into this very strange fucked up reality sometimes. And then, not only does this child have to grow up and learn the ways of the world, but then they have to work and ultimately die! THAT IS SO CRUEL! BRING LIFE INTO THE WORLD ONLY TO YANK IT AWAY AND HAVE THEM KNOW THAT DEATH WILL BE THEIR ULTIMATE RESULT? MY GOD! MY DEAR PRECIOUS GOD!

Did ya know that because of the huge massive numbers of Chinese people in China and throughout the world that Mandarin Chinese is the world's most spoken language in terms of speakers, some 1.2 billion? It hardly has any influence though because it is such a hard language to learn/speak and because the language of communication throughout the world is English of course. Lots of people speak Hindi too, because India has lots of people. A crapload also speaks Spanish and Russian. Yeah, lots of people are speaking those languages right now! That's Chinese, English, Spanish, Hindi, and Russian. Let's see, that's some 3 billion people covered right there! About three billion people are speaking one of those languages in their daily lives at this very moment! That's half the world's population practically.

There are more people alive now than ever before in human history. Does this mean the planet is heavier now? Does the Earth actually weigh more now with all these extra people? And lemme tells ya, they keep getting fatter too! AHAHAHAHA!

One final population fact, did you know that about 100 billion humans have lived on the Earth throughout recorded history?

And they're all dead.


Todd said...

So, now one has to ask, what's the purpose? Or is there one? Are we just a random combination of materials that happened to spring up on the planet? Is there divinity? And the most important questio, why don't I have a boyfriend?

Anonymous said...

Radical life extension is only a few decades away. Even if we were only able to increase the human lifespan by 50 years at that point, it would allow more time for other means or improvements to life extension. We will eventually move off this planet and expand into the final frontier of space. Resource shortages will be overcome by the up in coming nanotechnology revolution. We will be able to manufacture anything we need by using little nano factories to rearrange atoms.

Scot said...

"Does this mean the planet is heavier now? Does the Earth actually weigh more now with all these extra people?"

Here's where I earn extra Dork points: according to the law of thermo dynamics, energy (as well as matter) can neither be created nor destryed. As such, the additional people do not weigh down the earth, they have merely reproportioned it's elements. The earth's overall mass has fluctuated due to meteors and space dust falling to earth, and decreased slightly thanks to shooting things into space i.e. the satelite that brings you MTV and the International Space Station. The overall fluctuation in mass however is neglegable to the total and gravity remains the same 9.8m/s/s since Newton's time.

Scot said...

For those left wondering 9.8m/s/s is the acceleration of gravity on earth and is a function of the total mass of the planet. Smaller bodies such as the moon have a slower accelleration/weaker gravity (1.62m/s/s) and more massive bodies such as Jupiter and the sun have greater gravitation acceleration/stronger gravitational pull. Hence, if the mass of earth had fluctuated to any significant degree it could be quantified through change in gravity.

M- Filer said...

Hey Will, do ya mind...I'd rather not think about it! Actually if you do believe in God, truly believe that is, then you can rest assured that everything is unfolding as it should in a way you or I will never understand.
Know God--Know Peace/
No God--No Peace

Sebastien said...

Hahaha, man, your last line cracked me up!

I say live it up. Be as good of a person as you can. Memories live on, memories people have of you will live on... and hopefully if you live your life and give good energy, hopefully that will make this world a better place, that's what I say!

Life is so interesting, philosophically speaking. For all we know, this is just a massive fucked up dream. And the existence of flying squirrels is just more evidence that the world and existence is just a crazy dream. And the existence of duckbill platypuses, now that is truly ridiculous.

Pod said...

and did you know that all the obese chinese people would fill up the whole of france? imagine that! i watched 'thumbsucker' last night, and it made me want a child!?

durante vita said...

There's hope in action. Don't like what you see? Do something.

I feel good about putting out my recycle bin by the curb for weekly pickup. I judge the neighbors who never put theirs out.

Christopher said...

These kinds of thoughts keep me up at night...I used to freak out thinking about how far outer space went on for...and did it ever end?...if so, what's beyond that?


Emma said...

FREAKY! You so deep, Wat.

Crazy Eddie said...

You know what shocks me the most?

Those breeders who keep reproducing like roaches...

I'm so happy that I'm gay.

Seriously though, your post is beyond introspective and thought provoking. It's fascinating to ingest such a reality. 6 billion people gone in 100 years.

I personally have a list of 35 people I can do without. Now I'm excited.

Zhu said...

I'm always freaked out when I read statistics, like "I don't know how many people" are dying per minute, how many are born per second etc. Damn this is deep thinking at 1 am !

Chinese is really not that difficult. No conjugation, no masculine-feminine, it's all about sentence structures. I'll show you one day ;)

molly said...


thank you for fucking with my mind
it needed some action