Thursday, January 31, 2008


I got lots to discuss, so where do I begin?

My fellow clerks/co-workers are very upset as the main baboon-assed supervisor continues her terrible onslaught regarding our inconsequential tardiness and attendance. She's nailing people for even being five minutes late! We've had it easy for a while I suppose, but this woman is not having it and is going all-out to be really mean about the whole thing. It's creating such hatred against her! Oh well. What can we do, us mere peons but to grin and bear it? It sucks too, because we're all genuinely good cool people who get the job done, undeserving really I believe of such fascism. And she's a devout Christian! UGH! SPARE ME! What a fake!

I am now reading Jakey G. is really taking Heathy's death terribly hard. Poor kid. They became really good buds on the set of the Brokeback of course, and he's now trying to film a movie and keep his relationship with Reese Witherspoon going, but many are saying Jakey is spaced out and really out of it, like he's been sockerpunched by the terrible news. Not to project my sexuality on either Heath or Jake, but it makes me wonder if those two didn't really fool around. Just a bit. I mean, just a little bit. Why not right? Ah Jakey, keep yer chin up baby! It's truly hard to lose a good friend/loved one. :(
Goodbye Edwards and Giuliani. It's now all about Obama, Billary, McCain, and Romney. McCain man! What a strong showing from the dude! Most people say they like John (war hero/prisoner and all), but he sure has some very old-fashioned Bush-like views that scare most of us too. Here comes our California primary next Tuesday, and this whole damn thing is starting to get very very interesting in many many ways. My cynical side creeps in a bit though, and I often wonder if this isn't all some scripted rehearsed show to keep us entertained, and that the next president has already been chosen by the powers that be, regardless of how we vote. Hmmm...

This guy in Israel really hates gay people, and is not liking the new generation that wants to march in parades and stuff. What an asshole!

Oh yes, mom made an amazing Salvadoran bean/beef stew that is enough to bring back someone from the dead. It's that good! As a kid, I used to hate these dishes, but now as an adult, I love them; packed with good protein/iron and truly delicious.

The New Kids on The Block are getting back together? OMG. It's most certainly not The Beatles reunion most of the world wishes would have happened. HAHA! And so, I thought I'd choose yet another great Beatles tune out of the many they left us, it's John Lennon's terrific song about the circus:


Todd said...

Sounds like your supervisor is from around here, the good ol' bible belt. But you know what it says in the bible about tardiness being the work of satan.

McCain scares me. But, I suppose, Giuliani scared me more. I think you're pretty close to the mark when you say the whole thing is just a show. It's just another reality tv show.

Bill German said...

New trolls on the block

Lewis said...

Been a crazy month, hasn't it? Wild ride. As for being late to work? You'd never make it in my profession. It's not allowed. Even one minute. Even once. We scan in with our IDs. And if we're late, a substitute is called immediately. No exceptions. No long, drawn-out stories to hear. Just the way it is.

M- Filer said...

Salvatoran Stew sounds D EL I C I O U S !!! I want it.

Okay, now I really want you to indulge me WAT. I am going to quote you and hopefully you will reply with the scenerio that could make your assertion true. I would love to know how your fantasy world has this thing play out...specifically.

"My cynical side creeps in a bit though, and I often wonder if this isn't all some scripted rehearsed show to keep us entertained, and that the next president has already been chosen by the powers that be"

Who are the powers that be exactly? Write the script baby.

d. chedwick bryant said...

yes it is Satan that is making you tardy. I bet the supervisor doesn't even notice when people work thru lunch or stay late.-in my biz it was always stay late to fix some "emergency" or some lame last minute meeting, and no pay for extra stay either. So people come in ten mins late, most people spend the first 20 mins at their desks toying with their bagel and coffee anyway!

yeah it is sad for Jake. like losing a brother maybe.

new kids, are they like 40?

Loren Soth said...

Shas Knesset of Nissim Ze'ev should remember that what a certain party in germany labled the jewish problem. Rehab centers were called concentration camps.

Well hope we get them again. We built the camps before and we will do so again. That's what happens to people who throw stones and live in glass houses.

As for late it's an issue of flex time. See people have it right, you got the fat cats who get there on time but don't start on time, take "breaks" aka social networking throughout the day. Productivity for them can be in the toliet but they punch in from 9-5. Then you have the other person who is less than 5 min late, but works hard and yet get punished. Well just remember, those who judge shall be judged accordingly. We then open up her book in heaven they will be just as harsh on her as she was on you.

Amadeus said...

Is there anyway all you spider monkeys can revolt and turn the baboon ass into the L.A. zoo?? It is kindess to animals, after all.

Scot said...

The only time I can undersatnd being so stict about arrival times is when you're open to tthe public and need to cover the shifts (like retail or a service job). When you're doing office work that does not require client contact, I don't understand why they care the exact minute you arrive so long as you spend the 8 hoours and get the job done.

Get to my house tomorrow. Should be fun.

Gary said...

You sure did pack quite a few items into this post but I will only comment on the Jake/Heath friendship. I have not heard about Jake taking it hard or had any news about that but I am not surprised. As anyone who has acted in any way knows, you build up a close relationship with those you work with. And they were projecting sommething amazing on screen. Who knows if they actually fooled around but there was indeed a connection. The whole thing is a sad mess.

kimy said...

your supervisor is obviously a very unhappy person to get her panties in a bunch all the time - unfortunately such behavior only creates toxic work places! I find that these so called 'devout christians' are some of the scariest people around. and if ol' jesus was in a grave he'd be rolling around in it - talk about his 'name' in vain!

speaking of scary, all the republicans scare me!! hard to decide who scares me the most!

okay on a happier topic: I really, really want (NEED) the recipe for your ma's "Salvadoran bean/beef stew" - sounds divine! is she willing to share???? please, please, please!