Monday, January 14, 2008


I must be bitter. Cynical. I don't always want to hear about how well others are doing at their jobs or in their relationships. Or how much they travel to all kinds of places across the planet and crap. Sure, I'm happy I suppose for anyone achieving all these goodies in life, but it sometimes hurts my inferior and mundane existence, 'cause I stupidly feel the grass is always greener on the other side than on my own. I know, I have serious issues, and comparing my life to that of others is not good, but I often think so many got it better than I do. My weekend was most interesting though in many excessive ways, and going here on Saturday night and hanging out with the buds was actually quite fun.
Looking back at this Sweeney Todd picture I just saw last night, I can somehow sickeningly identify with Johnny Depp's character. Not that I've been majorly wronged as poor Mr. Todd was, but he felt a certain disdain for humanity, which he saw as very expendable. Mrs. Tim Burton (Helena Bonham Carter) is superb in the film, and although I found the music and story pretty average, I do recommend the picture, with its cartoonish gory content and all. I've come to analyze/know fellow blogger Todd, and his taste for these wickedly demented type of violent psychopathic mentally ill characters in a movie such as this, which is why he loved the film so. Johnny and Helena's wardrobe/make-up would make great Halloween costumes for 2008. Seeing the film at this theater too, makes for one fine moviegoing experience.
And speaking of this Depp movie, it won big at The Golden Globe Awards, which were merely announced, but without the full glamorous show and parties, all thanks to the current writer's strike. While I enjoy watching these awards shows, most people have been leaving tons of messages and comments online saying how they just don't give a crap and that life will go on, and that Hollywood thinks of itself as being important, when it really isn't and that all these people are spoiled rich self-congratulating overpaid brats.

And I thought I was bitter and cynical.


Seraphine said...

i didn't see sweeny todd, i read on a friend's blog it's 'stump bloody' and funny haha for being so bloody. i feel like i should see atonement, i heard it's good.

Lewis said...

Both bitter AND cynical. Oh no, that's not pretty on anyone. I prefer just to stick with cynical...and, believe me, I do.

M- Filer said...

I know you posted about your night at OIL CAN HARRY's just to gloat about how fun YOUR parties are compared to everyone ele's. That's o.k, while I too am cynical, I am definetly not bitter. Sooo, gloat on WAT baby. Looked like fun!

Personally, I couldn't have cared less that the Golden Globes were basically cancelled. The Oscars onthe other hand, would be a different story!

Todd said...

My cynical/bitter feelings come not from what other people have, more what they are; boring, superficial, shallow clones of the neighbors. It just gripes me.

Ah yes, Sweeney is an identifiable character. Mad obsession makes life worth living, eh.

I'm scared now if you've analyzed me...

Seraphine said...

I'm always bitter and cynical
when other politicians say
they want to help me. Somehow
it ends up costing more than
I wanted to pay.
I think it's that way with
the writers currently on strike.
Everyone has their hand out,
and nobody wants to share.

Ladron de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I've not seen Sweeney on screen yet. I generally like Helena, but her voice is a tad reedy at best. The story always spoke to me when I was really angry at bad bosses in the past and I could think about putting them in a barber chair. Then I'd feel all happy and didn't have to do the deed myself.

Gary said...

I love the stage musical Sweeney but as a movie it was just so depressing. I do like the music and think everyone did a fine job here but lordy what a heavy story. I saw this as a double feature with National Treasure and was glad for a little escape after the demon barber.

Oh, and I think we are all envious at times of someone else's life but as someone recently said to me, we don't know what really goes on behind closed doors.

Bill German said...

THE GRASS isnt greener on the other side.

Wolfie said...

yes it was a bloodfest wasnt it? lol
It harkened back to my favorite 60s musicals.. my fair lady mostly
when I saw the hot guy mooning the oogly emaciated blond albino from
below on the streets. She could only be so lucky. The scene was very
similar and even the song, although the others songs were original and
melodic, I really liked that fellow, ... er, what was his name...
Johnny Depp.. ah yes, that guy who lives in France, and hates Amerikka.

kimy said...

just so you aren't 'cynical and drunken and boring someone in some dark cafe' [name that tune???]

sweeney definitely has been on my list! how have I missed knowing helena bonham carter is mrs tim burton (or is he mr. bonham carter?) one of these days I do really need to pay attention or start reading people! thanks xx

Boy About Town LB said...

I am so happy to be off "blogging lockdown" ! I love the clips you post, you always have the best music! Oh, don't worry, I am sure deep down you are both bitter AND cynical!

The Realtor of Long Beach said...

Boy told me to stop by and read your blog for a laugh...again he was right! funny! we missed you at the open

Christopher said...

My Baby Daddy went to Oil Can's the same night as you did...hey, were you the cochino that told him he he looked "delicious"?