Thursday, January 10, 2008


I really dislike my supervisor's supervisor. She's a phony pseudo-Christian black woman with a giant rhino-sized ass. She represents everything about authority I dislike.

Speaking of black women, Hillary and Obama continue their excellent rivalry, and this time the Hillard came out on top in New Hampshire! Don't count her out yet right? I actually found Hillary's teary-eyed clip the most honest moment I think I've ever seen of her, and that's probably what helped win some people over Tuesday night. She didn't seem programmed or robotic describing how tiring and exhausting it is to run for the presidency. FOR ONCE BILLARY SEEMED REAL, or was she faking it yet again?! Funny though how the woman who asked her that question that made her cry like a Barbara Walters special voted for Obama instead. Ironic indeed! And I worry for Obama, as do many that the poor dude's life might be in danger, depending on how far he goes. God forbid! McCain won for the pachyderms, and in third was F*ckabee? I'll say YES to that.

I hadn't been feeling too energetic as of late; very unmotivated and lazy to be honest, but my good ole' aunt in El Salvador sent me a terrific vitamin supplement called FOSKROL. It's made in Guatemala for distribution throughout Central America and it's got Ginkgo Biloba plus the Vitamin-B's and all kinds of other good shit, and lemme tells ya, this stuff is pretty rad. One capsule a day! I do feel the difference, although I still don't wanna come to work, but it's got me feeling better and has my sex drive going through the roof! Ya see, the anxiety med I take kills my drive a bit ya know, and with this stuff it's back up and running. RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL as Van Halen once sang.

For more erotic details (very related to this past post) which I don't want to reveal here, email or MySpace me.



Todd said...

At least the Democrat candidates seem like real people, unlike that other party. It's been interesting to watch, to say the least.

So what happens when you already have an over-excited sex drive and take that wonderful stuff? Maybe I should find out.

M- Filer said...

Why are we worried about Barak being assasinated? We are, right? I get an eerie 1968 feeling these days when I see him in large crowds.

Now THAT is dark.

Lewis said...

That second pic looks like you and me showin' off.

kimy said...

"I hadn't been feeling too energetic as of late; very unmotivated and lazy to be honest..."

post holidaze malaise?

on ms word when you run a spell check on huckabee, one of the options is "hoecake' veeeery interesting. what precisely is a hoecake?

have a good weekend time to perk up!

Bill German said...

I swim 62 laps twice per week at the gym. It is the most exhilirating experience. as for your toy, if you want help with that thing let me know if I can be of assistance.

Scot said...

You have my email. I expect photos. Video would be better. Might not be apposed to a live reinactment.

Pod said...

you naughty naughty boy!
belated happy new year wattle!