Saturday, January 05, 2008


I was having severe writer's block during the middle of this just finished week, but OH BOY is there a lot to talk about now! 2008 is starting off with some big interesting developments ladies and gentlemen!
-Billary Clinton got clobbered in that Iowa COCKASS thang by Mista BayRACKZ OBAMERS! DANG MA BROTHA! Good for Obama, he's well-spoken, smart, and not too bad looking either. The Hillster's not starting off too good, but it ain't OVA yet mind you. And that douche Huckabee won on the elephant's side. What a creep. I believe in Jesus too sir, but yer just another conservative A-HOLE who drives me nuts. No thanks.
-Paul McCartney, my genius songwriting musician extraordinaire had an angioplasty performed recently! OMG! Paul's been a vegetarian now for at least three decades; ever since his sweet muse lovely Linda convinced him not to eat animals, but I guess something was still going on with one of his arteries and they had to unclog it! Must be Heather Mills' fault! A routine medical procedure nowadays of course, but it still sounds unpleasant and a little worrisome. You're a great talent Paul, and I need to see you in concert at least one more time, so please get all the angioplasties you may need, if any!
-And of course, there's Britney. Oh Lord Jaysus. Britney, Britney, sweet young pop disasta superstar Britney Spears! Let's face it, success came much too young/fast for her and I guess she got tired of being too well-behaved and under her dumbass mother's control, so she rebelled, and oh GOD has it gone too far! YIKES! Y'all know she's now on suicide watch and can't see her kids who are in the full custody of the inseminator Federline. Oh well. So it goes. I really hope America's greatest tabloid sensation makes it through all of these travails okay. Now I'm really starting to seriously worry about the girl.
-I was going to discuss in full detail this marvelous German film called The Lives of Others, but all I will say for now is to please get it on DVD and watch it. You'll thank me for it. Hard to believe recent history/memory had such an ugly thing like the Berlin Wall in place, where people were divided due to capitalist vs. communist ideology. What a horrible thing to live in a repressed bleak world, and yet a movie like this uplifts us to believe that there is always hope. The main actor in the film, Ulrich Mühe, is wonderful in his quiet role, and I found out he sadly died just last year of cancer, but not without getting to see his most famous role recognized and the film awarded the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film of 2006. A truly moving film that actually makes ya wanna cry.
Lots of rain in L.A. by the way, and boy did we need it.


kimy said...

glad your writing muse is back! enjoyed the post. I just can't believe huckabee won - just goes to show (something) but excellent that obama shone!!!!

great that you finally were able to see lives of others. incredible film - 'makes ya wanna cry' well I admit to some damp hankies!

healing vibes to paul.

Bill German said...

i will add the lives of others to my netflix queue. fuck huckabee, he is so evil, go obama.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Its going to be such an interesting election year!

re: britney- that whackjob wasin Palm Springs Wednesday, checked into the Parker at 2AM, checked out at 7 AM then sped off to LA for her court appearance only to be late...follwed by that ridiculois stand-off. that chick is in some serious trouble.

Boy About Town said...

Hillary will make a HUGE come back...right?! Huckabee won because it is Iowa for Gods sake!...right?!?! I am off to stand outside Brit's window at Cedars

Todd said...

Yeah, the conservative Christians pushed for freakazoid Huckabee. Surprising considering how progressive Iowa is overall as a state.

Screw Britney. What a waste of press time. Who cares.

You're right on about Lives of Others. A great movie. Very timely too. Yeah, it sucked that Ulrich died so soon after the movie gained popularity. At least he left us an astounding final performance.

molly said...

i am so thrilled over baracks win!
i really believe he can make a difference, even though i dont live in the USA, id be so so ecstatic to see him elected!

Gavin Elster said...

Suicide watch is going to have to be a permanent thing for Spears.
She will find a way to off herself.

Mark my words. She'll find a way.

Marko said...

Bilary isnt getting off to a great start your right, its just gettin started.

I wasnt even that shocked when i heard about Brit, she's goin nutso. I hope she works things out. I guess we wait and see.

Ladron de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

What's so spooky about the Huckabee phenom is how the media keeps talking about him being such a nice guy, how he is not part of the front runner rhetoric. What's worse, the current alcoholic born again or a Bible thumping Weight Watcher former tub?