Monday, January 28, 2008


Well friends, the rain in L.A. has been steady and quite nice these past few days.
I caught meeself a fine film at the theater on Saturday. El Orfanato (The Orphanage), is a nicely paced and very creepy dark motion picture made in Spain. I was surprised to see the theater with a nice large crowd for a foreign film, but I guess a good movie will attract a crowd, and Spanish isn't such a foreign language anymore in the U.S. now is it? The main actress, Belén Rueda is terrific as is the little boy in the movie played by Roger Príncep. Hell, the whole cast is great and Geraldine Chaplin (yes, Charlie Chaplin's daughter) makes a fine cameo appearance as a spiritual medium. Who knew Geraldine had such an affinity for Hispanic culture, but she's had relationships with Latino men from what I've read, and has appeared in numerous Spanish-speaking films. A fine freaky film all-around!

I had been avoiding it for a while, but I finally brought myself to watch United 93. It wasn't easy. The official story of that final hijacked plane crashing into that field in Pennsylvania is well known by everyone by now, but to watch it so brilliantly directed by Paul Greengrass with relatively unknown actors who bring the true story to such vivid dramatic life onscreen is quite a feat. We all know the plane will crash and that all of them will die, but it is still a tale so gripping, upsetting, heartwrenchng, and so real that you feel as though you are truly aboard that plane. If you dare see the movie, look for a terrific performance by Ben Sliney, who plays himself as FAA Director of Operations and ordered all airspace closed on that fateful day. Alls I can say is, what an unsettling and jolting film, yet too important a picture to miss. Follow it by a comedy or fun movie like the new very catchy Hairspray, which is what I did to relieve the leftover tension.
I went here last night and had lots of fun. These kids re-enact the Spanish conquest of Mexico; I really dig this terrific song and video by The Shins:


Todd said...

The Orphanage starts here this week and I'm planning on seeing it. The trailer looks incredible.

kimy said...

thanks for the review of el orfanato - I saw the trailer last time I went to the movies and was intriqued, will definitely will check it out now! sounds as if you had a great fun filled weekend too!

Lewis said...

You know, I just have to say, that your choice to use white as your text color is something else...I can't read it in my Bloglines aggregator...I actually have to go to your site if I want to see the's weird to look at. Nonetheless, you know I love ya! United 93....way too close to home for us airline boys. And some serious questions raised in my mind after seeing it. What I did like, is that they didn't use any mainstream A class actors. And used actual airline crew in the film. Excellent choice.

M- Filer said...

You are right about "93", I hesitated as well, but agree that it was a powerful and well made drama.

Did you sing last night?

molly said...

I agree about Flight 93, so moving. I admit it...I cried.
I wish I'd followed it with Hairspray, that would've cheered me up!
Okay, fair enough, you can pretend Matt Helders is an all-american boy!

Christopher said...

Thanks for the heads up on "El Orfanato"...gonna have to check that one out soon!

molly said...

Yes! Well, he hasn't confirmed it himself, but I think there's enough evidence that Mick Jagger was (is?) a raging bisexual!
Mmmm, hot..

I love George too, my favourite Beatle, may he rest in peace.

P.S. You should definitely read Pattie Boyd's book, as a George Harrison fan. I'm guessing few people knew him like her.

Seraphine said...

I rather wanted to see The Orphanage, but was put off by the subtitles. I have to be in the mood for them. It doesn't matter, because ten minutes into a movie, I forget I am even reading them. It's like swimming in the ocean; the hard part is getting in.

Ryan said...

flight 93 brought me 2 tears also I didnt want 2 see it but had 2 also thought the people on that flight would want us 2 see it. cool blog btw!