Monday, January 21, 2008


Today is Monday, the day of the moon. In Spanish it is lunes, since most of you know that luna means moon, from the Latin of course. I know, I know, my useless facts make life worth living don't they?
This most annoying of flus is almost mercifully over. I think I've coughed up my lungs as much as I can bear. I don't watch Spanish-speaking TV that often, but for some reason, have been this past week, just to see what's going on in the Latino entertainment world. Yes, they have their many soap opera (telenovela) and music stars working mainly out of Mexico City (with Miami a close second) which is thee place to go to if you wanna make it in that business, kinda like our own version of Hollywood. It is pretty fascinating stuff indeed to watch these tabloid-type shows and the dirt they dig up on a popular singer like say, Luis Miguel. AHAHAHAHAHAH!

Over the weekend, I caught this program on PBS called Austin City Limits and the musical guest was Coldplay! It was an awesome little hour I must say, and they even had lead singer Michael Stipe of R.E.M. as a special guest! They sound great live, and their songs are catchy and pretty well-known, so I can see myself going to a concert of theirs sometime in the near future. They're due for a new CD sometime soon I would say, and I would hope it surpasses their last one, 'cause it was pretty darn good, with this song/video being a highlight for me.

This program tonight on the History Channel looks fascinating.


Wolfie said...

the way those latin lovelys jiggle, it'd make a gay man straight and a straight man cry.

he he!

Seraphine said...

I love Coldplay. I was just listening to them last night.

I have to be in the mood for Spanish television (really, what I'm seeing is Mexican). It's more energetic, fun and sexier than the dry stuff seen on network television. I wish just once, latin producers would develop an english language station and share culture with Anglos.

Todd said...

I've never liked that video. The song is ok. But I did notice, this time, that the singer's eyes are really far apart. I don't know why I just noticed that.

Lewis said...

Luis Miguel? Yum. Happy MLK.

molly said...

im glad youre feeling better!
haha the only problem with matt helders being an all-american boy is that hes british!
but youre his only vote, so i appreciate it nonetheless!

Poz Mikey said...

Ahhh sorry you are sick. I've been coughing over a month now. Feel better and know you are still hot in my eyes.



kimy said...

happy to read you are feeling better & are on the mend!!

that history channel program looks good --thankfully it's being replayed tomorrow, now if I remember to set up the vcr. yeah I'm still in the dark tevo!

keep on keeping on!